Gone were the days when anti-aging means notorious surgeries that would tie us up in bed for days, when looking young means bruises and swelling that you will have to endure for weeks, and when staying fit means eating less and working out more.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we have given birth to the new era of anti-aging using natural growth factors such as stem cells and PRP, bio-identical hormone therapy, chelation and detoxification with vitamins and minerals, and minimal invasive laser treatments that would leave everyone wondering where you have found the fountain of youth.

Of course we understand that a procedure to completely halt the aging process is yet to be discovered, but wouldn’t it be better to slow it down naturally using techniques and procedures you can luxuriously indulge in over lunch break or the weekend?

Stem Cell Therapy, one of the most researched treatment all over the world today, is available in our very own center. Stem Cell Therapy at Yoskarn Clinic in Thailand is used for systemic rejuvenation using the safest, most efficient technique in harvesting stem cell, the AdiStem System. With this procedure, fat from your abdomen (you get the double benefit of losing those extra inches off your waist) will be harvested and processed using AdiStem System to get the most number of stem cells for your systemic rejuvenation therapy. The stem cells will then be introduced to your body by intravenous therapy for systemic distribution. Stem Cell Therapy in Thailand can also be used to rejuvenate other areas of the body including the face, joints, and with recent researches, evidence shows that it can be therapeutic for some auto-immune disorders.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy on the other hand makes use of your own blood to introduce Growth Factors to our body. With the ease of the treatment, less than 1 hour, Hollywood and Local celebrities are driven nuts to try this procedure also known as the Vampire Facelift. Unbeknownst among many, PRP therapy had long been used in medicine for nerve injuries, joint repair, and osteoarthritis, only recently however did the procedure gain more interest with sports superstars sharing their experiences with PRP therapy after their sport injuries and Hollywood icons posting selfies hashtag vampire facelift on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. At Yoskarn Clinic, PRP Therapy had long been used for face rejuvenation and joint repair. Some of our testimonials for the treatment goes way before social networking becomes popular hence our center is one of the go-to PRP therapy centers in Bangkok, with our versatile combination of therapies and techniques not only for anti-aging but also for systemic rejuvenation.

Our third option for anti-aging in Thailand is the Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Basically, the principle behind hormonal therapy is that when we are younger, when our organs are functioning at its optimum level, we will notice that we can eat anything we want without getting fat, we can stay up all night and still manage to look fresh in the morning, we only need to exercise a little to tone down our muscles, and so on. As we get older, doing exactly the same things we do in our prime years no longer ends up to the same result, our metabolism is now slower, our face looks gaunt and dry when we miss our sleep, and we need to run extra circuits to maintain the muscle tone we have. Question is, why does this happen?

Everything has to do the hormones in our body. At a young age, our organs are still functioning well and producing the right amount of hormones that our body needs, as we age however, these organs become less efficient so our hormone levels drop, hence the changes that occurs in our body as we age. At Yoskarn Clinic, we do not just give you hormones, Prof. Kunachak used Bio-Identical Hormones that are of the same molecular make up as the natural hormones in our body, making it safe to take even at a long period of time. Our center also aims for balanced hormonal therapy for anti-aging purposes, to restore the body’s vitality.

Another one of our most-popular anti-aging treatments is the Chelation and Detoxifications with Vitamins and Minerals. Most of us may have heard of chelation and most of us associate it with removing heavy metals in our body and such, while detoxification connotes the removal of toxins in our body.  At Yoskarn Clinic, we do not offer just the removal of metals and toxins in your body, we also replenish the body with vitamins, minerals, and peptides as we understand, again, the reality, that as we age, our body becomes less efficient in absorbing these vitamins. Chelation and Detoxification with Vitamins and Minerals is like your one-stop anti-aging therapy for systemic rejuvenation. Many of our patients do a session every time they come over to Bangkok. The best thing is, each treatment will be done by IV injection so there will be no visible bruises or redness on your face.

Lastly, for the more tangible form of anti-aging, we have the laser treatments to keep your skin looking young and fresh. With more than 30years of experience in laser technology, our surgeon, Prof. Kunachak, understands that not one laser treatment can be the cure all, hence our center offers a wide range of laser machines from Fractional CO2, to Conventional CO2, RegenLite, and many others. You can rest assured therefore that we will recommend only the best laser treatments for your skin type since we have almost every type of laser available for skin rejuvenation.


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