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With the rise to fame of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, and the pop culture including songs are focusing on the female figure in a light it had never been shown before, more women are seeking not leave their behinds, behind.

While breast augmentation is still the holder of the coveted most performed cosmetic procedure by the end of 2014, the number of buttock augmentations also rose by a staggering 86% during the 12-month period (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)). This statistics only goes to show that our society is now paying close attention to the rear view as well.

In our center alone, we have seen quite an increase in the number of prospective patients looking to have butt augmentation in Thailand. From one of the more quiet procedures, Butt Augmentation is now one of the frequently asked procedure aside from breast implants and face contouring. What bothers us is the lack of information of prospective patients regarding butt augmentation by silicone implant.

First, the difference of the silicone implant for the butt and for the breast. While both are made from silicone, the shape, texture, consistency (firmness) of the two implants are so far apart. Silicone implants for the butt are made from Semi Solid Silicone Rubber while breast implants are made from Silicon Gel which are softer in nature. This is so because the buttocks receive more pressure from our daily activities than the breast area. For years, several surgeons have tried using breast implants to augment the buttocks area, to save cost for the surgery, and more often than not, these procedures end disastrously, at the expense of the patient.

Aside from the implant, another factor that differentiates butt implant surgery from breast augmentation surgery and other surgeries that involve the use of implants is the recovery period. For patients traveling from overseas to have Butt Augmentation in Thailand, this is quite crucial.

For Butt Augmentation in our center, we recommend patients to stay in Bangkok for at least 2 weeks with very little, to no sitting or lying on their butt during this period. Why is this very important? Sitting on your butt puts pressure not only on your sore muscles (due to surgery) but also on the incision site. To allow the incision site to heal properly, we require a 2-week rest period. Even after the two-week recovery period, putting too much weight on your butt (sitting for too long) is still not advisable for at least 4-6 weeks post-operatively.

Another butt augmentation procedure more popularly known as the Brazillian Butt Lift, involves longer surgical time, but with lesser recovery period. With the popularization of the use of your own body fat to fill out areas where you want more volume, Brazillian Butt Lift became a very popular procedure as it gives patients the chance to achieve the perfect hour glass contour by taking out fat from their abdomen, flanks, lower back, and thighs, then putting these harvested fat to plump up the buttocks. Since the procedure will not involve a long incision, patients perceive shorter recovery period, and while this is try, post-op patients are still recommended to avoid putting too much weight on the butt (sitting too long) because the transplanted fat needs adequate blood supply, and sitting on your butt causes blood supply on the area to be disturbed, hence, activities should still be carefully watched at least 2 weeks post op, though not as strictly as butt augmentation with silicone implant.

In terms of results, the butt implant will give a more precise outcome since if our surgeon places 180cc, you will get 180cc. Brazilian Butt Lift, since some of the fat will get reabsorbed by the body, the result may get smaller as it settles, but retention is usually around 60-70%. In terms of feeling natural, usually once the implant settles, the butt would also feel and look natural. In terms of how much can be achieved, the implant sizes can go up even more than 500cc while for the Brazilian Butt Lift, the result will be limited to the amount of fat the patient has, so for patients with relatively slim physique to begin with, the procedure may not give a very significant change. In terms of cost, basically for the implant, the bulk of the cost rest on the silicone, which in our center, is from trusted, and FDA approved manufacturers only, while the Brazillian Butt Lift depends upon the number of areas that needs to be treated with liposuction for fat harvesting as this dictates the surgical time.

Despite the higher cost and the recovery time after Butt Augmentation in Thailand, many patients still find the procedure worth it. With a surely better body contour that will complement any body type, Butt Augmentation is now one of the most in-demand procedures for body contouring in our center.






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