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Compounding in Thailand, which dates from the ancient days of medicine, involves a pharmacist making medicines and formulation for a patient who cannot be helped by mass-manufactured drugs, this practice is more popularly known as homeopathy. In our more modern age of medicine, it must frustrating that despite the abundance of commercially available medicationsin Thailand, there are still a lot of health and anti-aging concerns that the market cannot address, hence, the return to fame of compounding.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we understand that you have certain goals such as better overall health, improved energy level, pain relief, weight loss, improved sex drive, better sleep, lesser stress and fatigue, and many others. With this, our doctor, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, together with our trusted GMP CERTIFIED laboratory (who also helps us formulate our skin products), researched intensively to formulate bio-identical compound medications which focus on natural derived vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the herb extracts to specifically address certain health and body concerns which you may be seeking a solution to.

Below are just some of our newly developed compounds which you may find beneficial for your health.



This tailored compound medicine in Thailand is specifically made for men who are looking to get a boost on their over-all health. With the right combination and the best sources of vitamins, minerals, hormones, and co-enzymes, the dosage of each specific ingredient is well formulated to suit a premium man’s exclusive needs. Alpha Gentlemen combines ingredients from your normal daily vitamins, power and body-building minerals, and anti-aging supplements in a unique dosages that you will never find in the market, but will give your body optimum result in the littlest possible time.



It had always been a well known fact that women are different from men, evidenced mainly by our physical differences. Lately however, modern medicine is stressing the greater, deeper differences between the two sexes. One of the most common comparison we often see as a joke is that women and men may eat exactly the same food and do the same things every day, and yet men will not gain as much weight as women. This stresses the fact that our internal systems are different, and therefore need different supplementation all together. In line with this, we have formulated the lady counterpart of our Alpha Gentleman compound for our beloved women as well. The First Lady compound is specifically made for women and their unique nutritional needs. The compound contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and hormones in Thailand in dosages that will be beneficial for the female body. Understandably, some dosages will be less or more than that of the male counterpart.



Everyday, we get exposed to different stressors, the early morning traffic, the irate client, the slow copier in the office, or the loud “noise” from the neighbors. These stress factors, if not addressed, can manifest physically as fatigue, and fatigue causes us to function less than our optimum capability. Chronic fatigue also leads to more serious form of illnesses if not addressed. We have long accepted that stress is part of our daily lives, and we cannot change that, at Yoskarn Clinic our surgeon has formulated a compound that can fight away stress and strengthen our body to avoid fatigue. Our Fatigue Fighter compound in Thailand is a blend of just the right amount of B12 Vitamin to keep fatigue at bay.



Sleep deprivation has a very controversial effect in our health. Researchers link it to obesity, skin problems, high blood pressures, and many other debilitating health issues. Logically, everyone and everything needs to rest, but in recent studies, our generation are becoming more and more night owls functioning in a 2-hr nightly sleep. However possible this is, let us remember that we will rip what we sow. Daily abuse in our sleep pattern with take its toll one day and we’ll wake up with dry skin, aged look, and no energy to boot. Our Rest and Relax Compound medicine in Thailand allows our patients not only to have a more restful sleep, but also a more peaceful feeling without the side effects of other medications for anxiety since the compound is made only from natural vitamins and minerals.



Ever get the feeling that whenever you turn on your television, there is a new bacterial or viral epidemic somewhere threatening human existence? They may be sensationalized news, but reality is, everyone can get sick, every one of us is exposed to micro-organism that can cause infection if our immunity is weak. While it is also true that proper diet and exercise can build up our immune system, stress pulls it down again, and no, we cannot eat too much nor do we have enough time to exercise a lot, therefore, our bodies need Immune Support. Immune Support in Thailand is our center’s own formulation of Vitamins, Minerals, and Immune Boosters to equip our body with the right amount of strength and defense to help us avoid diseases caused by infection. Weakness of the immune system also invites development of several types of cancer which we all want to avoid as much as possible.



Heart disease, probably one of the most notorious cause of Morbidity and Mortality nowadays, is also one of the most avoidable disease. Why is this? Though heart diseases may “run in the family”, or what is technically termed as hereditary, most of the common risk factors that can lead to the disease are linked with our lifestyle. We understand that lifestyle modification is a long process, but we trust that you will get there, in the meantime however, allow us to take care of your heart with our Heart Support Compound in Thailand. This compound is a combinationof  heart nourishing minerals to fine tune your personal pumps!



Getting older is often associated with experiencing joint pains. They say you can hide your age with your face and skin, but once the pain starts knocking, you just can’t deny it from entering. With our Joint Support compound in Thailand, we have incorporated active ingredients that will not only stop the pain, but also prevent them from ever coming by strengthening the bones and muscles surrounding the joints, therefore protecting our now more sensitive joints from too much wear and tear.



Is it taking you an extra hour every morning to prep your hair and face for work because leaving them bare will make them look lifeless? Do you spend thousands of your hard earned cash buying creams that take forever to take effect? Why not try to nourish your body from within? With the latest natural vitamins, minerals, and herb extract compound for Radiant Skin, Hair, and Nails, available only in our center, you are guaranteed to have beauty that radiates from the inside!



You may have tried Bangkok Pills, Carboxy Therapy, or South Beach Diet, but nothing seems to work, or nothing seems to stay. The principle of weight reduction however is actually easy, it’s all about burning more calories than you consume, the big question is, how will that be possible? Pills that suppresses your appetite will work, but it will never be a long term solution because you cannot suppress your hunger forever; South Beach is also effective, but for how long can you go without eating this and that?; and Carboxy, fat reduction treatments, as effective as they are, will not aid weight loss. Understanding a number of our patient’s problem with Weight Management, Prof. Kunachak also decided to collaborate with our trusted GMP Certified laboratory and pharmacist to formulate the right combination of fat burning, metabolism boosting, and appetite controlling substances, with essential supplements to nourish your system while the promoting healthy weight reduction in Thailand.



Men take pride in their sexual prowess, talking about their experiences openly to their peers, even some boasting on their sexual adventures (we do not encourage this, but we understand men). But despite this openness, men usually find it difficult to admit issues related to their sexual behavior, often times, they find it hard to admit that they have reached a point when they are losing their taste for it, or they just can’t do it as much as they want to. With SuperMan, a compound in Thailand packed with hormones, enzymes, and plant extracts, specifically formulated to increase a man’s sex drive, men should worry no more as SuperMan is best and the safest wingman they’ll find, ever!



If men wear their sexuality on their sleeves, women are on the one hand more subtle. Just the same however, both men and women have an innate need for intimacy and sex. As women age however, the libido decreases, the natural lubrication also decreases, and so, sexual activity becomes less stimulating as it once was. With WonderWoman, women’s sex drive is not the only one stimulated, hormones and vitamins incorporated in this compound also helps revitalize the woman’s sexual organ (vaginal canal) by stimulating more lubrication, and better sensation on the area, therefore, better satisfaction.

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