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We often hear our patients complaining about stubborn fat deposit around their lower hips or what is commonly termed as the saddlebags. Since the area has been notoriously recognized to not respond to exercise as much as other areas of the body do, most of our patients seeking immediate solution found nothing but frustration whenever we inform them that liposuction is the only proven effective solution to their fat woes.

That has however changed now!

With our latest acquisition of the CoolSmooth CoolSculpting applicator (by Zeltique) specifically designed for non-pinchable fat, you can say goodbye to those unpleasant bulges without the surgery! Each Coolsculpting treatment can be done in 75mins for every cycle/area but the good news is, we can do 2 areas simultaneaously so it's just like having your hair treatment or your car washed! The whole applicator covers an impressive area making every treatment worth the wait. With its patent CoolSculpting technology, fat reduction will be at 20-30% in 2 to 6 weeks without any down time.


The best thing about CoolSmooth Treatment is that since fat reduction is not as much as liposuction, patients who have somewhat loose skin to begin with can still have the procedure done without worrying about worsening of the looseness of the skin. Since the applicator will not suck the treated area in, discomfort (if any) during treatment, will be very minimal. The chance of bruising is also less though the degree of coldness will still be the same.

For patients who had done coolsculpting before, your CoolSmooth experience may be a little different in a pleasant day!


What are you waiting for, visit our center today and start shedding off those extra inches off your thighs!

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