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Dental Health is one of the most commonly neglected aspect of our health in general with many of us avoiding a trip to the dentist until it’s too late and we can no longer think straight because of the pain from tooth infection or other oral health problems. While it is easy for us to see a general practitioner when we have a fever, it is often a struggle for us to make that call to our dentist if we notice our gums bleeding just from brushing. Some even regard that dental health is not much of a necessity but more on just a luxury, which is very wrong.

Like most areas in our body, our mouth is also home to a host of bacteria, some good, and some opportunistic. Often, it is believed that proper personal hygiene is enough to maintain good oral health, and often, we even ignore subtle signs of oral health problems until it gets worse. Unknowingly, we are actually causing bigger problems and higher medical bills whenever we take our teeth for granted.

With Bangkok being known as the medical hub in Asia with our affordable and highly competitive medical team, me medical vacation in Bangkok will probably take your dental phobia away and save you lot's of medical expenses.

Typically in our center, our dentist offers dental consultation for free. We offer both dental treatment for health and cosmetic purposes and making an appointment is easy. We also accept walk in patients though it will be highly convenient to make a schedule to avoid waiting in queue.

For foreign patients, we recommend contacting our center by email or phone call so we can give you some advice on how to prepare yourself for the procedures, what to bring, what to avoid, and how long you will need to stay in Thailand, so that you can also prepare yourself for your trip.

We understand the difficulties encountered by medical tourists travelling in a foreign country so we made sure we have staffs and dentists who can comprehend English well.


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