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They say your smile is the best accessory you can wear and it never goes out of style. But what if smiling makes you feel more conscious because your perfectly white teeth are being upstaged by your attention-seeking gums?

Though gummy smile is not a major aesthetic concern unless it involves your oral health, many people don’t find showing too much gums attractive.

The good news is, our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, has developed a very simple yet effective way to improve the condition. The technique improves gummy smile for patients who have hyperactive muscle that controls the movement of the upper lip, thus raising the lips to high, and exposing a a large area of gums.

Our center also offers gummy smile solutions on the dental side for patients whose main concern is the abnormal eruption of the teeth, for which the teeth appear short as the gum tissue covers majority of their real length.

For a more perfect smile, Prof. Kunachak also did extensive research on bringing back the natural pinkish glow of both the gums and the lips with laser. Also available in our center are laser teeth whitening and/or home whitening system along with a wide range of dental and cosmetic procedures to suit your needs.


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