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While it is believed that the eyes is the window to our soul, our lips also attracts a lot of attention, especially if they are sensually curved like works of art. A simple twirk or pout from our lips gives a lot about how we feel, or what you think. Unfortunately, most of use are not really quite contented with the shape of our lips with some of us feeling conscious about the size being too big or too pouty, or the shape being too plain. Some of us even take hours every morning putting on lip contouring pencil and gloss to achieve the look we want. Though may make us feel more confident when we sport the kind of pout we desire, painstakingly doing it everyday is no easy task. 

The good news is, lip contouring in Thailand is now becoming one of the hit procedures that both men and women are looking to have, and the best news is, it never leave a visible scar.

With lip contouring in Thailand, our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, will turn your red lip contour to the inside of your mouth leaving a more appealing shape. The scar will be hidden inside the mouth so it will not be visible. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia though you can choose to have it done under general anesthesia provided you discuss this with our surgeon during the consultation. 

Though our surgeon will have his recommendation about the lip shape that will complement the rest of your facial features, it is still highly recommended that you express your desired result so our surgeon will be guided by what you really want to achive.

The whole procedure will just take about one hour. 

Swelling and bruising may be present for about two weeks so you can expect your lips to look swollen and a bit blue during this period. This usually subsides after 2 weeks though full result can be appreciated in about 2-3 months once the injury has fully healed.

During the recovery period, your lips may feel numb or over sensitive but this is normal. Proper oral hygiene should be observed at all times to avoid infection but alcohol based mouth wash should be avoided while the incision is healing as this may also irrritate the site. 

Though your diet will not be restricted, we still highly recommend avoiding spicy foods during the first 2 weeks to one month after the surgery to avoid irritating the incision site.

During a few weeks you can have some difficulties moving your lips. 



Aside from improving your lip contour to a more sultry one, our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, has also proven through his paper "An Effective Treatment of Dark Lip by Frequency-Doubled Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser" that laser treatment can turn dark colored lips to a more natural pink through laser treatments. Aside form this, Prof. Kunachak was also able to device a technique to improve gummy smile in Thailand through a simple procedure involving the lips as well hence, for people who are concerned with their smile, lip contouring procedure can be combined with gummy smile surgery in our center for a more pleasant and endearing smile.

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