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 We are all aware that women experience a lot of changes during their menopause period, but are men really exempted from this? Is there no such a thing as male menopause or are men just less likely to seek professional opinion from their doctors?

According to studies and medical reports, men also experience a decrease in their hormone levels as they age, one of which is the testosterone, or the main male sex hormone. The difference is, most men don't openly talk about this phenomenon. 

For instance, a man on his 20’s will have an average testosterone level of 300-1,200 ng/dL which is the normal level. As he reaches his 30’s, the level of testosterone drop by at least 1% per year hence by his 70’s, men’s testosterone hormone will only be at least 50% of the level he has in his prime years. This translates to a number of changes in their physical body, their strength, their libido, and a lot of other aspects in their lives.

Medically speaking, the term menopause may not be applicable to the hormonal changes in men. Most doctors actually refer to the natural decrease in male testosterone level as the Andropause, which, unlike female menopause, is a gradual process. Also, though majority of men experience andropause, there are those lucky enough to escape it's claws or at least delay it's onset.

Male menopause usually starts with men on their 30’s and gradually progresses from there. With women, menopause happens over a very short period of time. During the process however, some of the common symptoms that men may experience are the following:

1. Decrease in Sexual Drive or libido – some men experience erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erection, and even infertility; these are conditions that men often feel ashamed to openly discuss, even with doctors

2. Sleep disturbances -  some men may suffer from insomnia or increased sleepiness

3. Physical changes – men who are active in general may notice that their once well toned body is starting to pack in flabs, and working out is no longer as effective as it was before

4. Depression – some men may feel confused, down, and less confident about themselves during this phase because testosterone also helps regulate moods


Though these symptoms may indicate other underlying conditions as well, men often take for granted or are not aware that their hormones are also a major factor for their overall health condition. Since testosterone is responsible for normal sperm development, cognitive and physical functions, muscle strength and development, and mood, changes in the level of this hormone can bring about a lot of changes in men. Often, men will just attribute these changes to the aging process, something they cannot do anything about, instead of seeking help from their doctors, or asking their pals about it.

In reality, symptoms of male menopause or andropause can easily be corrected with hormone therapy. With Yoskarn Clinic’s balanced hormone therapy, our main focus is to bring back the level of our patient’s hormone not just to the normal level but rather, to the optimum level, we make sure our patients get the maximum benefit of the hormones in their body. Hormonal replacement therapy is also now considered a form of anti-aging treatment as it delays the onset of age-related symptoms both in men and women.

By using bio-identical hormones, we can guarantee patients that continued use of the hormones over an indefinite period of time will not have any adverse side effects.

Find out more about our Bio-Identical Hormone therapy in the hormones section of our website.

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