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It is quite enticing to see billboards and websites flashing nose augmentation procedures at less than 1,000 USD using fillers or silicone implants. Our surgeon often wonder how it is possible to offer the procedure at such a low cost when the price of high quality silicone will already take almost half the cost of the procedure itself. Adding to that the fee for the nurses who will assist during the procedure, the operating room, hospital/facility, and the medications after the surgery, what will be left for the surgeon?

In our center, a typical rhinoplasty will take at least 3 hours, and most people will probably wonder why.

Prof. Kunachak, being a Facial Plastic surgeon, and an ENT specialist, believes that merely putting in silicone implant or injecting fillers to the bridge of the nose will never be enough to bring harmony to the facial features. This is the reason why you will see a lot of people walking around with high nose bridges that doesn’t actually sit well with the tip or the base, more so, with the rest of the face.

In our center, we live by the principle that beauty comes from harmony. Though we fully respect a patient’s own desire, our surgeon always make sure that the patient also understands that their existing features will also affect how they will see their selves after the surgery.

Taking into consideration that our nose is the central figure in our face, it is only essential that its feature blends well the background like the shape of our face, or the structure of our cheek bones. Now, simply putting in a silicone implant, or injecting fillers may not really be successful and favorable for everyone, will it?

In our surgeon’s more than 30 years of experience, he had done several revision procedures (which will actually be more costly) for patients who had silicone put in haste with the thought that they were getting a bargain. Our surgeon has done fillers or injectible substance removal for patients having injections without checking if the substance that will be injected is genuine, or if the injector is even a certified doctor. Horror stories of botched surgeries plague the internet and though not all of them are real, some stories are worth researching further about before deciding to dip into the nose surgery pool even if it's just for an injection.

One thing that patients often take for granted in making the decision to do nose augmentation is the possible complications related to every procedure and technique. A less experienced surgeon performing osteotomy or septoplasty may cause damage to the airway which will require further surgery. A less experienced injector may inject to the vein and cause irreparable damage such as necrosis on some parts of the nose, or worse, blindness. Though the risk is always present, an experienced surgeon knows the techniques to minimize or better yet, eliminate these risks.

In addition to this, correction or revision procedures are usually more complicated and a lot more costly since there will already be scars on the area making the blood supply more compromised during healing. Also note that the more revision you do, the more complicated and risky the procedure gets, and the less satisfying the result will be.

If we look deeper into the difference between nose augmentation and rhinpoplasy, we will also understand the diffenerce in the cost ofon the 2 procedures. An ordinary nose augmentation procedure can be done in less than an hour, with your surgeon making a closed incision inside the nose, then fitting and inserting the silicone then closing the incision again. This is the reason why we will see a lot of people with obviously augmented nose. A full rhinoplasty surgery will correct and improve the nose structure as a whole. This will include the tip, the alar base, the deviation of the bridge or the septum, the hump, the asymmetry on the nostrils, and even the blockage that sometimes cause difficulty in breathing. These, coupled with our surgeon's careful attention to details sets our nose surgery procedures apart from promotional nose augmentation procedures that are tempting in terms of price but lacking in terms of delivery.






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