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Post-Op Voice Surgery patients often get confused what they should and should not do after their surgery. Be it for voice feminization, voice masculinization, voice hoarseness correction, voice lift, or any surgery involving the vocal folds, patients often wonder what does not speaking for a few weeks mean; or what sound will be good to produce, and which sound isn't.

With more than 30 years of practice, Prof. Kunachak has the following recommendations for you after your voice surgery in our center:

  1. Voice Rest is the most important aspect of voice surgery recovery. Patients who would like to undergo the procedure should first have a reliable support person who will be your “voice” during the critical stages of recovery or the first week.
  2. We strongly discourage creating even unnecessary sounds such as grunting or throat clearing as any sound you produce will cause vibration to your vocal cords, which can delay healing during the first week.
  3. Playing musical instruments (wind instruments) may also result in contraction of the vocal chords which can also disturb healing. Avoid this is much as possible on the first week after surgery.
  4. Weightlifting, straining in the bathroom, or any other activity that produces forceful vocal cord closure that may cause damage to the result of the procedure is also discouraged for at least 6 weeks.
  5. During your first post-op visit in our center (1week after surgery), our surgeon will evaluate the surgical site and give you instructions on how to proceed with your recovery.
  6. Once you are given the permission by your doctor to use your voice again, use your normal tone and pitch; do not try to exert extra effort in changing your voice.
  7. Even if you are already allowed to talk, minimize talking on the phone as much as possible during the first month as your voice may sound inaudible and thus require you to change pitch.
  8. Avoid taking alcohol and caffeine for at least 6 weeks after the surgery.
  9. Your voice will gradually settle to its normal pitch as you heal. Avoid shouting or raising your voice during the first 6 months after the procedure. Singing high pitch song should also be avoided.



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