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Several surveys had been done about the size that men pack in their pants and how important it really is. Most women claim it’s not really an issue, but men see it differently. Look at it this way, women feel some sort of inadequacy going out bare-faced without even a dash of powder, this is almost the same as the inadequacy that men feel about the size of their manly part, others opinion that you are good au naturel just doesn’t come through.


Recently, a poll on the average sizes of men across different nationalities and race was released and it stirred a lot of jokes and controversies in social media and all over the internet. While sizes really vary individually, and we cannot actually judge just by looking at the person the size that he packs, there is a common consensus that men, given the chance, most likely want their penis bigger, longer, or both. This is the reason why a lot of creams, injections, and mechanical devices are being sold worldwide for this purpose. The sad thing is, most of these mechanisms are either fake, ineffective, or worse, dangerous.


With the advancement in medical science, the use PRP is being further developed not just for medical purposes but also for cosmetics. With PRP therapy for the face, or what thanks to Hollywood, is now more popularly known as Vampire Facelift, another phenomenal procedure rising to fame is the PRP shot for Penile Enlargement. Reported results include not just an increase in the girth and length of the penis, but also a stronger erection. Patients who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction with no hormonal and psychological factors had also benefitted from the procedure, along with patients with Peyronie’s Disease, the condition wherein the penis is curved and painful when erect due to fibrous scar tissue.


Using the PRP method, downtime is significantly shorter. With no surgery involved, patients are only advised to refrain from sexual activities for a couple of days after the injection. With the PRP coming from your body or what we term as autologous, there is a very low risk of infection, and there is definitely no chance of rejection. The injection material is also processed right after your blood is taken so there is no chance of using under licenced products which can be harmful.


With this effective, safe, and affordable penile enlargement procedure, more and more men can now afford to satisfy their inner need to get the size that they want, much like women can buy their make-ups to get the look they want. Also, men no longer need to experiment with creams or try on that highly risky injection from a non-certified surgeon, nor buy those penile lengthening devices that aims to stretch your male parts overnight every night, with very little result to show for.


Though debate may go on for years and years ahead, without us getting a real answer if size does matter, the bottom line is, if it is important to you, there is now a safe and effective way to do it.


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