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STEM CELL therapy, the most prized discovery of our generation, the dubbed potential fountain of youth, has just become more accessible and affordable with the latest technology, and Yoskarn Clinic’s latest stem cell harvesting machine, Regenera Activa.

Regenera Activa is a state of the art preparation system that processes tissue samples to separate stem cells from the parent tissue. The machine allows our doctors to extract stem cells from different tissues, thus expanding the coverage of treatment to a whole new set of possibilities, such as the use of hair roots (hair root stem cell) for hair growth stimulation; skin graft (skin stem cells) for scar, keloid, and pigmentation problems; bone tissue (bone stem cell) for cartilage repair; and other forms of stem cells for aesthetic rejuvenation.

Formerly, Yoskarn Clinic only offers 2 types of stem cell therapy, adipose stem cell therapy for large scale treatment such as systemic rejuvenation, and the MSC which our affiliate laboratory prepare for us. With the arrival of the Regenera Activa, we are now able to extract the patient's own stem cell, on a smaller scale, for more specialized treatments. The best part is, the whole process from the extraction of the parent tissue, the preparation of the stem cell, and the injection to the target area, will just take about an hour, and since tissue sample will be smaller, there is basically no down time after treatment, and patients report improvement in as little as 2 weeks after initial injection.

The machine, with its versatility in processing different types of parent tissue, is however more prominently known as a very good alternative to the more complicated and tedious process of hair transplantation. With stem cell treatment coming from hair roots, patients who had undergone treatments see enormous improvement in as little as 2-4 weeks. Perfect candidates for the treatment are those patients with Androgenic Alopecia or the type of hair loss that is characterized by starting in a well-defined pattern and is quite common in both men and women.

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Regenera Activa is an FDA and CE approved mechanism to process tissue, bone, cartilage, fat, dermis, etc, for the purpose of regenerative stem cell therapy. Each treatment is very affordable and secure, making it one of the most in demand stem cell treatment procedure in the market nowadays!

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