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While we are deeply ingrained with the idea that everyone is beautiful, we cannot deny the fact that there are faces that are universally more appealing than others, say for instance, models, actors and actresses, and beauty queens. They don’t all have the milkfish white complexion, the most pointed nose, the shapeliest lips, the longest lashes and well-trimmed brows, but somehow, when you look at them, all you can think of is she/he is very pretty. If beauty is on the eye of the beholder, is it possible that there is a standard measure of beauty in our subconscious that dictates what beauty really is?

Of course it is also true that beauty trend changes with time, there’s the decade when women with round features are regarded as beautiful, then it changed to sharper features, then to the model type, slim and delicate, but no matter what the trend is, there are faces that stand the test of time like the icon Marilyn Monroe, who despite our beauty-fling with red heads, brunettes, blue eyes, thick brows, this beauty icon managed to maintain the impression of being beautiful. So, what has she got that seems timeless?

Researchers and scientists alike, eager to find the answer, agreed with one thing, it’s not about the nose, or the eyes, or even the brows, it’s all about facial harmony. Now what is facial harmony? Facial harmony involves the balance between your facial features, the shape of your eyes relative to your nose, and lips, or the contour of your chin, in relation to the tip of your nose, etc. Notice that there are people who do some procedures to enhance their looks and end up looking somewhat off, after surgery. For instance, for the nose, the center of our face, Asians naturally have lower bridge profile than Westerners, and Asian features are usually more delicate in contrast to the sharper look of Western people. So, when an Asian woman with Asian features try to achieve a western nose, an imbalance is more often noticeable, making her less pretty than her more natural self, no matter how perfect the achieved shape of the nose is. This is true for the lips, see the viral “Kyle Jenner Lips” fitted to other celebrities who are really pretty on their own but looks weird with another one’s lips. This supports the notion that it’s not just one part of the face, but how each part complements each other, which makes someone beautiful.

At Yoskarn Clinic, our surgeon has had year of experience with cosmetic surgery, and is an avid believer of facial harmonics. Facial harmonics, by definition is the practice of how different facial features work together as a whole. With this principle in mind, Yoskarn Clinic established a name not through aggressive marketing but through our patient’s very own experience and the feedback of the people who see them after their surgery with us. We believe that trends come and go, and that though it can be followed, like the thick brows that’s very in demand nowadays, or the v-shaped face contour, the end result must still be in balance with the rest of the facial features.

During consultation, our surgeon, Prof. Kunachak, makes sure that patients understand that their desire needs to be in line with the standard aesthetic proportions and the importance of the balance of their facial features to achieve satisfactory result. Our surgeon also always makes patients understand that there are limitations to what a surgery can achieve even with the best hands.

As a result, for more than 30 years of practice, our center is always being complemented as giving the best and most natural looking result after cosmetic and plastic surgery with our clientele continuously growing in number through our personal testimonials, our patients and the beauty the achieve through harmony.






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