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Age spots, pigmentations, dark circles, and fine wrinkles may have caused so much concern for most of us, but the fact that they can be hidden and masked with proper make-up and concealers (see celebrity photos with and without make up) makes us think twice about what is really revealing our age.

As we age, the soft tissue in our face (whole body) loses elasticity. With this, our face starts to show mild sagging of the jowls, deeper lines, frowning look, and basically the look of surrendering to gravity. Since most of us would like to avoid the knife as much as possible because not only is it expensive, but the recovery is also quite long and with the fast phase of our generation, staying indoors for even just 3-5 days is a very deem prospect.

With this came the idea of lifting and tightening the skin without surgery, hence, the threadlift technique. Since the procedure will not involve cutting of the skin, it is basically considered the minimal invasive lift. If can be done in different areas of the body like the arms, butt, and breast though it’s most popular use is on the face.

This minimal invasive procedure is usually carried out under local anesthesia. The area where threads will be inserted will first be anesthetized then threads will be inserted strategically to anchor soft, sagging tissues and skin, therefore giving a lifting, tightening effect.

The versatility of the procedure allows our surgeon to use thread lift to improve the mid face, tighten the jowl area, lift the brows, correct fine lines around the mouth and neck, and tighten and lift the arms, butt, and breast. Though this technique will not yield the same dramatic results as surgical lifts, thread lift is one of the most sought after procedure for cases that only calls for subtle improvements like for those people who are just starting to show signs of aging.

Since the procedure will not involve any incision, but mainly just puncture wounds, patients can go back to work the day after. Bruising and swelling on the first few days is normal, along with some degree of pain. All these subside in just a few days after the procedure.

The inserted threads are absorbable so they will not interfere with MRIs or CTScans in the future.

Since there will be no cutting  of the skin involved, thread lift will not be very beneficial for people who already have moderate to severe sagging problems or skin laxity. The main principle of this procedure is only to pull up the loosening soft tissue, and anchor it to stronger muscles for repositioning. The result of the procedure may last for 12-24 months depending on the lifestyle of the patient.


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