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The cheek bone also known as zygomatic bone and the zygomatic arch is located in the middle part of the lateral face. People with big zygomatic bone and/or lateral bulging zygomatic arch have wide middle face and normally have diamond shape facial outline.

With the increasing demand for zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery, it is now possible to change this diamond facial type into oval, egg or round shape face which is attributed more as feminine.

Only a small number of diamond shape face could however directly become "V" shaped by cheek bone reduction surgery alone. In cases like this, the candidate must have a wide forehead, a narrow jaw bone and long sharp chin to start with. Only in this kind of pre surgery setup will a cheek bone reduction change a diamond face to a "V" shaped one.

The wide middle face caused by prominent zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch have many forms or manifestation. If only the bony part of the zygomatic bone and zygoamitc arch are oversized, then only a small area of the lateral face will be bulging out forming a hump on the surface of the middle lateral face. In this instance a sample reduction of the cheek bone can make the facial outline smooth while the facial type doesn't change. In other instance the cheek bone and the surrounding tissues bulging out together make the whole middle face too wide. In order to trim faces like this masseter muscle and the middle face fat should also be partially removed on top of the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction. 



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