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Arm Lift

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm liftreshapes the under portion of the upper arm, from the underarm region to the elbow.

Surplus skin, which has lost its elasticity, is often considered an aesthetic blemish. Pregnancy is often the cause, but excessive weight loss and aging also come into play.

Surplus skin can be removed in exchange for a scar.
Placing it in an inconspicuous area minimizes scarring.



In the past, body contouring was an extensive surgery with high complication risks. The procedure required general anesthesia, long hospitalization, and commonly a blood transfusion. The lengthy recovery period had a considerable influence on your lifestyle.

With the discovery of tumescent infiltration, traditional narcosis is no longer necessary. With the new technique blood loss is kept to a minimum. Consequently, the recovery period is drastically reduced.

Since traditional anesthesia can be avoided and blood loss is kept to a minimum, it is possible to undergo a combination of several cosmetic surgeries. This spares the professional and social hindrances often accompanied with multiple surgeries.


The best results with body contouring are seen if only surplus skin is removed. Excessive fat is preferably removed in a separate lipo-sculpture surgery under a local anaesthetic.


The scars are placed in areas where they are the least noticeable. Every surgery leaves a different scar. The details of this will be discussed individually before surgery.



As with all scars, within the first three months they are red and lumpy. In a year they will fade considerably. This maturing process can be accelerated with a special highly concentrated scar improving oil.

 With the right information and motivation, body-contouring surgery can bring you years of pleasure.



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