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What is Botox Facelift?


Botox Facelift is a skin tightening procedure using Botox in an innovative way. Diluted amounts of Botox are injected intradermally (under the skin) to achieve collagen stimulation and skin firming, resulting in a natural-looking face lifting effect.

How does it work?


By injecting Botox directly into the skin (and not muscle), pores contract and reduce in size causing the surface area of the skin to tighten, creating a lifting effect that lasts for months. This gives rise to a non-surgical "facelift" effect. Additionally, injecting intradermal Botox into the lower part of the face close to the jaw-line cancels some of the downward pull of the platysmus muscle, conveying a lifting effect to the cheeks and jowls.

Skin feels tighter and firmer, pores look smaller and the lower face is slimmer. The overall look is fresh and youthful, in a natural-looking way without compromising facial expressions.

Results are noticeable within the first 2 days and continue to improve in the following weeks to months.


How is it different from conventional Botox?

While conventional Botox targets the muscles, Botox Facelift targets the skin. Hence, the undesirable risks of Botox such as a frozen expression, headaches or a feeling of heaviness in the forehead, are greatly reduced. Botox Facelift is administered in the same manner as conventional Botox - through a series of small injections, with fewer risks than conventional Botox.

What are the benefits?


In addition to lifting, it also has skin enhancement benefits:

  • Smaller pores
  • Smoother texture
  • Slimmer (V-shaped) face

In addition to being a safe treatment, it also:

  • Has no healing time required
  • Gives natural-looking results (without any sign of stiffness in facial expression)
  • Gives quick results (within 2-3 days)

How is it administered? Is it painful?


Anaesthetic cream is first applied over the injected areas. Tiny injections of Botox using a very fine needle are then placed in strategic locations all over the face to achieve a lifting effect. The treatment takes about twenty minutes. Most patients report feeling a quick sting but discomfort is minimal and brief.

How long do the results last?


Results last for up to 6 months after 1 treatment, and last longer with repeat treatments.

Is Botox Facelift safe?


Side effects are very rare. In addition, there is no downtime, and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately.

Can Botox Facelift be combined with other treatments?


Botox Facelift can be combined with conventional Botox for face shaping, along with fillers for additional benefits.

Who should not get Botox Facelift treatments?


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not receive Botox Facelift.

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