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The Meso Lift is a rejuvenating treatment for the face, the neck, the décolleté and the hands.Meso Therapy is also suitable for the treatment of local cellulite.
Meso-therapy:Mini injections against skin aging and cellulite.
The aging and sun-damaged skin loses collagen under the skin.The skin loses its youth and elasticity.Meso-therapy provides new strength to the skin with mini injections with powerful vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Provide new strength to the skin.The skin becomes younger, smoother, and more radiant.
Small amounts of active ingredients are injected through multiple injections.The goal is to improve the tonicity, the elasticity and the hydration of the skin.



With meso-therapy we inject active ingredients, vitamins and minerals in many places with a very thin needle.These ingredients improve the metabolism processes in the skin.The make the skin more beautiful and more radiant.
Meso-therapy works preventive.The best results arise if you start relatively young, between 35 and 40 years of age and then repeat it regularly.But Meso-therapy is also suitable for the older skin.
Depending on your skin condition, the doctor composes the active ingredients that will be injected.A custom made program can consist of active bio-stimulating ingredients, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, collagen, hyaluron acid, DNA-derivates and homeopathic ingredients.We can also add vegetable extracts.The stimulating ingredients are injected in the maximal safe dose, for a beautiful and long-lasting result.
Hylaron acid
This is a natural part of the skin that is necessary to create a strong, tight and elastic skin.
This counters the thinning of the skin, anti-oxidants are injected, collagen creation is stimulated and the blood circulation of the skin is improved..
Amino acids
These re-structure and repair the tissues damaged by the skin aging.
Stimulate the tissue metabolism.
Six to eight treatments are usually necessary in the first phase to get the most beautiful result, after that you will only need “maintenance” treatments.The first treatments are done every other week and after that every 14 days.A maintenance treatment works best every 4, 6 or 12 months, depending on your wishes and the condition of your skin.
MINI injections
After the disinfection of the skin the active ingredients are injected in the skin with a maximal concentration.For this we use a meso-compression-gun, an injection pistol.

Advantages of a meso-gun:

Setting the exact needle depth. .

Regulating the optimal amount of active ingredient per injection.

Raising the injection speed through which the treatment is experienced as hardly painful.
After the treatment there is a light redness of the treated area.The skin may glow and feel tight.You can resume your normal activities the next day.
Most people already see results after 1 or 2 treatments, but are really satisfied after 6 to 12 treatments, depending on the area to be treated and of the original condition of the skin.


Since we only use body-own fluids, there is hardly any risk for allergic reactions.There might occur a small blue spot around the place of the injection.However, this disappears quickly.
the costs
The price of the treatment depends on the chosen area to be treated.The treatment provides the best result if you have a minimum of 8 sessions in the beginning.In the Yoskarn Clinic we custom make your treatment, with optimal ingredients in the maximal safe dose.We don’t make cuts in the number of units to be injected.
Meso Lift for skin rejuvenation is a supplement to other treatments such as skin peeling, Botox injections and wrinkle fillers.It is an important treatment to stop skin aging and skin weakening.
Meso Lift provides the best result with treatment of the face, the neck, the décolleté and the hands.This treatment is less suitable for the treatment of weakened skin of belly, arms and legs.
Meso therapy custom made is the best treatment for local cellulite.
By injecting a maximal quantity of active ingredients spread over the area to be treated the fat cells are broken down and taken out of the body in a natural way.
The active ingredients ensure an increased blood flow and are therefore very efficient when it comes to fighting cellulite.
The active composure:
 resolves the fat ,
 is water aborting ,
 provides nutrition to the skin ,
 removes fibrotische, hardened tissues under the skin
 benefits lymph drainage ,
 benefits the blood flow .
The areas that are considered for a local anti-cellulite treatment are :
 With women this is mainly the inside of the knees, the outside of the thighs and the
   butt area.

 With men this is mainly the hips, the love handles and the upper belly .
Per treatment we usually treat a symmetric zone of about (2 x) 10x10 cm.
Meso therapy is also applied for treating hair loss – alopecia.A galeotomy is a better and cheaper solution.Meso therapy for hair less is therefore not performed in the Yoskarn Clinic .
We advise you to contact us per phone for an appointment.We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible.Usually we can see you within 3 weeks for the start of this treatment.


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