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Facelift makeover

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Facelift makeover

 Recent TV programs “Extreme makeover” and “Make me beautiful” have brought the “total treatment plan” into the public eye. In the Yoskarn Clinic, however, this “total approach” has been popular for years!

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary
is just that little extra."

Plastic surgery: a combination of treatments for body aesthetics in balance.

Sometimes one cosmetic procedure is sufficient to achieve the desired result, but for a total face or body rejuvenation, a combined approach often gives the best results.

To get rid of those signs of aging and tiredness, a combined approach can be desired. For example; a mini face lift, fore head lift, eyelid correction and a Peeling can give the wanted, anti aging, result.

Deep wrinkles, between the nose and the corners of the mouth, can be filled with permanent or non-permanent filler during the same surgery.

Rejuvenation of the face goes often hand in hand with rejuvenation of the body: a breast lift with liposuction, of tummy, stomach and thighs, are frequently asked.

A thorough analysis of the possibilities, your wishes and expectations is the most important step to a successful treatment. The expertise of your plastic surgeon plays a crucial role to achieve the best results.



Most treatments can be completed during 1 surgical session. For extensive face and body surgery, sometimes, a second theatre session is recommended.With more efficient painkilling, only intravenous sedation is required. You will be asleep and feel no pain. However there is no need for you to be connected to a respirator machine and you will not receive any medication which may compromise your own capacity to breathe, swallow or move.


Before having surgery it is important to be well informed: also regarding your after care and recovery period. Your plastic surgeon is the best source for this information. Back home, after surgery, we stay available 24 / 24 hours a day. We remain constantly at your service during your recovery period. Please arrange sufficient time off work and social engagements to make your recovery period relaxing.


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