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Facelift Surgery


This face lift overview is for anyone who may be thinking about getting a face lift in the near future. There are several things to consider when you make this decision, as your face is the most immediate aspect of your appearance that you and others will notice.


To get started, you will need to look at your face and determine what kind of face lift will benefit you particularly. There are varying degrees of face lift, from the relatively minor to the major. Be sure you choose the right one. If you are considering getting a facelift surgery, you should understand the facelift procedures and facelift recovery from surgery.


Face Lift Procedures


A full face lift is a procedure which you will probably have done under general anesthesia so you will be completely out during the surgery. This type of face lift address the problem of sagging or hollow cheeks, which often show up with age. The muscles themselves will be tightened and stretched so that the face maintains a fresh look. There is some scarring with this procedure, but the scars will usually fade over time and can often be hidden near the ears.


A medium face lift works by tightening and toning the drooping or aging skin surrounding the nose, the upper part of the mouth, and right under the eyes. Any scars will probably be well hidden, sometimes in the inside of the patient’s cheek.


The full face lift is what most of us probably think of when we hear the words, “face lift”. It works to completely revitalize the tissues of the face, from the jaw line to the under-eyelid area. This can help you get rid of unwanted, baggy flesh around your chin and jaw, and give your cheeks a bit of their youthful fullness again.


Facelift Recovery



After the surgery, you will need to be careful to follow all the surgeon’s instructions concerning cleaning any incision sites. You should not tug on or stretch the skin, because that can cause tearing of the incision areas. The sutures tying your muscles together until healing takes place can also tear if the facial area is stressed.


Be aware that even a full face lift will not improve the appearance of drooping eyelids or wrinkles on the upper portion of the face. Those are addressed with different types of cosmetic surgery, but they can usually be performed at the same time as a face lift if desired.


 This surgery is recommended for anyone who feels that their facial appearance does not match up to the way they feel inside. For people who have aged quickly, a face lift can be an excellent solution.


Minimum scarring with the endoscopic method.

Through several small incisions along the hairline of the brow and scalp, we can bring a small camera lens with instruments under the skin. Through this lens, small muscles and fat tissue are viewed on a video monitor. With these small instruments, the plastic surgeon can carefully correct the subcutaneous facial tissue. The eyebrows and the orbicular muscles around the eyes are also handled in this way.


Endoscopic brow lift: The brow and the area around the eyes are corrected with a few incisions along the hairline of the brow.

For neck lifting, the surgeon makes a small incision under the chin to correct the neck muscles while also giving the jawbone a youthful contour. The skin is then tightened with incisions either around the ear or in the hairline at the back of the head.

The facelift is one of the more popular procedures at the Yoskarn Clinic.The endoscopic facelift gives a natural look with lasting and short recovering period.



The technology and progress made in sedation, makes extensive cosmetic procedures possible without the side effects of traditional narcosis.

With more efficient painkilling, intravenous sedation suffices rather than having to undergo general anesthesia.

Contrary to traditional narcosis, in which a tube is brought into the throat and connected to a breathing apparatus, you actually breathe on your own. While you sleep you breathe independently and feel no pain. A few hours after the surgery you feel fine and have been spared the side effects of general anesthesia.

With the help of modern sedation techniques, long and extensive surgery is possible without taking unnecessary risks.

The Yoskarn Clinic uses all of these modern techniques.  Facelifts are often combined with breast surgery, stomach corrections or body contouring operations.



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