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การผ่าตัดดึงหน้าผาก (Forehead lift)

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 Forehead lift, also known as brow lift, can give the upper third of the face the same youthful appearance that facelift gives the lower two-thirds. A sagging forehead with deep horizontal lines can make a person look angry or tired. Smoothing the forehead restores a rested, relaxed appearance.

Most patients may be candidates for endoscopic forehead lift. To perform this procedure, the surgeon places a camera on the end of a narrow tube and inserts the tube into one of four small incisions above the hairline. Then, special instruments are used to tighten tissue and hold it in place. This procedure is less invasive and results in no hair loss and much quicker healing than the standard procedure.

Your surgeon may make an incision across the top of the forehead at, or behind, the hairline to lift and remove excess skin and tighten muscles. The placement of the incision will minimize visible scarring.

Forehead lifts are often performed in conjunction with lower face and neck lifting, eyelid surgery, Botox cosmetic, and injectable fillers.


Different methods for different indications:


THE ENDOSCOPIC Lift: The Endoscopic Lift corrects the wrinkles on the forehead, the frowns between the eyebrows and the position of the eyebrows.


THE SUSPENSION THREAD Lift: With the Suspension  - thread lift - method, the plastic surgeon can lift eyebrows and sagging jowls. Lifting of the eyebrows with the extended suture method can be done on its own, or in combination with an endoscopic brow and forehead lift.





In the past a forehead and brow lift was quite an invasive intervention.  The plastic surgeon made a coronal incision from ear to ear to correct muscles and skin.  The result was a large scar which was annoying especially to balding men.


The invention of the endoscope made the procedure less invasive and safer without the disturbing scars.


the endoscopic method


Lift without scars


During a forehead lift, muscles and tissues that cause furrowing or drooping are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows and minimize frown lines.


The surgeon makes three or five short incisions.  An endoscope is inserted, allowing the surgeon a clear view of the muscles and tissues beneath the skin.


Using another instrument the surgeon can lift the underlying tissues of the forehead; this results in a smoother appearance of the forehead. 


This way, the surgeon can correct the muscles of the forehead, often permanently improving the “wrinkles of motion” such as the frown and the horizontal forehead wrinkles.


The procedure takes about 1 – 1 ½ hours while you will be asleep.


Intravenous sedation has replaced classic general anesthesia, which results in more efficient painkilling.  Contrary to traditional narcosis, in which a tube is brought into the throat and connected to a respirator, you will actually be fully asleep, breathing for yourself, without feeling any pain at all.  When waking up after surgery, you feel fine, without suffering the common side effects of a traditional general anaesthetic.


The Thread Lift method


Suspension treads ensure a maximum lasting result.


    The surgeon inserts an elastic and antibiotic thread subcutaneous with a long needle.  Sagging tissues of the brows and cheeks can be lifted and tugged into place with this procedure.

The surgeon inserts a long small needle at the specified entry points along a specified plane.  Incisions are therefore not necessary.

The tread lift procedure can also be done on its own without the endoscopic forehead lift.


The special antibiotic threads dissolve slowly whenever your collagen has encapsulated and bunched around the threads causing a further lifting effect.  Any rejection of the treads is thus minimized.


Thread lift Surgery provides quick and relatively bloodless lifting for patients who may need only little to moderate rejuvenation.



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