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How to Prevent Hair Loss

  • Balanced Diet
    Eating a balanced diet is a good way of ensuring that you do not suffer from gradual hair loss.

  • Less Stressful
    Reduction of stress in your daily life has been proven to be one the efficient way to prevent hair loss.

  • Iron in Meal
    Hair loss prevention for women is usually prevented through the increases intake of iron in their meals. Iron is an important nutrient that prevents the development of anemia in women which leads to hair loss. Checking of the ingredients of pills that are ingested for a variety of medical conditions can also aid in hair loss prevention because there are some that can increase the rate hair loss that can be permanent.

  • Regular Medical Checkups
    Have regular medical checkups done by your physician in case you suspect that the hair loss that you are experiencing is not normal. In most cases the doctor is able to point out the root cause of the hair loss and provide a hair loss solution that will stop hair loss.

  • Hair Care Products
    Women should avoid putting on hairstyles that strain their hairline in a bid to embrace hair loss prevention as a whole. Hair care should also be done with products that do not destroy hair follicles permanently leading to hair loss. Majority of the hair loss solutions that are being used by both men and women can be avoided if the whole idea of hair loss prevention is taken seriously.

Every female which had a hair loss problem after pregnancy, has initiate a question to herself Why I’am loosing my hair.bBut some of them donothing about it.I will try to explain what’s the cause of this.Hair loss is connected to pregnancy usually after delivery.During pregnancy hairs go in the resting phase in increased number.Everyone need to know that resting phase is a part of the normal hair loss cycle.The most common period of hair loss occurs approximately three months after delivery.Why? Pregnant women had an increased level of progesterone and estrogen. After pregnancy this hormones drop suddenly and that’s why your hairs go to resting  phase.Once the women born her child the resting hair follicles begin to fall out.

There are other causes that are connected with hair loss in pregnancy and they can be triggered by anything that involves a change in the estrogen hormone balance in your organism like abortion,a hormonal imbalance, any hormonal type of birth control method.


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