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Aesthetic treatments - Hands

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The hands play an important part in non-verbal communication. Hands often approach the face during social interaction. Therefore, blemishes and signs of aging on the hands can be a real cosmetic hindrance.

The most common aesthetic hand complaints are brown spots, thinning skin, wrinkles and large veins.

Surgery on the hands can be rather complicated. However, a few minor procedures can be used successfully.

Careful analysis of your hands’ skin is important towards achieving the optimal
treatment plan.


Brown spots on the hands can be treated with a daily application of hydroquinone cream.
Both fine wrinkles and pigmentation may benefit from a peel.
Light TCA-peels are most effective for eliminating uneven pigmentation in the long term and smoothening the skin. Daily use of a good hand cream containing glycolic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and Beta-carotene is recommended.



Aging and sun exposure cause thinning or “atrophy” of skin, fat and musculature. This results in the hands appearing old and “bony”. This appearance can be camouflaged by transplanting fat cells from the thighs or tummy into the back of the hand. When grafted successfully, these fat cells will continue to live there permanently with lasting results.


Swollen veins on the back of the hands are often aesthetically displeasing. They can be safely removed using refined surgical techniques under a local anesthetic.


Laser treatment on the hands is not recommended as the skin is too thin.


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