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Injectable Fillers

The primary reason for considering Injectable Fillers Therapy is the desire to look as young as you feel. Collagen and hyaluronanic acid are the building blocks of your skin. As you age the years of laughing, smiling, talking, and tanning inevitably crease your skin. Over time, the amount of collagen and hyaluronanic acid your body produces will diminish. These factors can leave you with wrinkles and lines. Injected under the surface of skin, they effectively restore the natural youthful-looking contours of your face, smoothing wrinkles and filling lines. Frown lines, tear trough, acne scars, cheek depression, oral commissaries, forehead, crowfeet, nasolabial and lips can be treated. The result of your treatment will be evident immediately.

Patients with the following conditions are advised to avoid injectable fillers:

1. Prone to chronic infections
2. Prone to severe allergic reactions
3. Pregnant or breast feeding
4. Active cold sores
5. Taking cortisone
6. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
7. Taking anti-coagulant medication

Risks and side effects

The treated area can become redness, lumpy, bruise and swelling but will disappear within 1 week after the injection. During the first two days, the needle marks will settle and disappear.
After Injectable Fillers Therapy care
For the first 24 hours, in general leave the area alone, do not touch the injection site, and apply make-up. Stop exercise vigorously, expose to extreme heat or cold.
For the first week, you should avoid all activities that can increase lines and wrinkles on your face. Keep your face as still as possible to allow the filler to absorb as evenly as possible. Try to sleep on your back so that the skin on your face will drape evenly. If your lips have been treated, you should avoid pursing your lips. You should therefore avoid using drinking straws.


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