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MICRO SURGERY: Own Hair Redistribution

Hereditary baldness normally concentrates on the front and top region of the scalp.
This leaves the hair in the rear region as good quality donor hair.  Maximally, a 16 cm by 1, 5 cm skin patch will be surgically removed. The scalp is numbed with a local anaesthetic. Intravenous or oral sedation can be considered.


Under visual magnification, the hair follicles are individually dissected from the donor patch.

This is performed by our team of well trained doctors and nurses.



Micro-surgical dissection of the donor strip, in a professional way,
is essential to have a successful transplant result.


We cut the harvested donor strip into single or multiple follicle units. Single follicle units are to be transplanted to the front hairline.

Multiple-follicle units (2 to 4 follicles) are used in the upper areas of the scalp, to get more density.



Single follicle grafts
/ units.
Two hair follicles in one graft
/ unit.
Three hair follicles in one graft
/ unit.


The surgeon implants each graft individually into the balding scalp. The procedure is labour-intensive.

It requires 3 to 5 medical and paramedical specialists.
Surgery lasts 2 to 6 hours.


The result of micro implant surgery is very natural-looking. This technique makes the procedure almost unnoticeable to others.

The scar at the donor site - a straight line - is hidden between the remaining hairs. Due to the use off new surgical closure-techniques – trichophyt scar closure-, the fine line scar will be as good as invisible after a few months.

After surgery, the small wounds will develop a scab for about ten days. From the outset, you will notice hair growth, however this is only temporary.



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