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Permanente make-up Pijnloze behandeling, permanente make up, beauty tatoeage, definitief ontharen dames en heren permanent haren verwijderen ...

Permanent make-up is popular with active women who have little time for repeated facial make-up. It is also a good solution for women who regularly work out in the gym and want to look their best, even without cosmetics. It is also the ideal solution for woman with visual impairment or those who have lost their steady hand.


Coloured pigment is brought immediately under the skin. It differs from traditional tattooing whereby pigment is injected in the deeper skin layers for more permanence. With permanent make-up, only the upper layers of skin are coloured and without another session the colour will fade in 3-5 years.

At the Yoskarn Clinic, permanent make-up treatments are supervised by a doctor. It is even possible to have the treatment under a local anaesthetic.


Permanent make up can be used on the eyebrows, eyelids, lips and nipples.

Even when you have no eyebrow contour left, permanent make-up can bring it back. Also with very thin hair, this technique can give you the perfect brow arch.

If you want visual enlargement of your lips or if the lip colour has faded through the years, this technique can be applied to the edges of your lips.

Treating the eyelashes accentuates your eyes giving you a permanent eyeliner.

The form of the nipple can also be corrected. For this purpose, the cosmetic tattoo technique used brings the pigment deeper under the skin. When the nipple is missing for example after a breast reconstruction, a new nipple can be tattooed which will resemble the other nipple in colour and form.


For a few days after the treatment the area will be red and slightly swollen.

Small scabs can appear on the treated area up to a week after the treatment. These should not be rubbed off. For 5-10 days after your treatment you must refrain from swimming, sauna, sun bathing and the relevant cosmetics such as eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and lip liner.

These little inconveniences are well worth the advantages of a permanent make-up. You can swim, and sun bath without having to worry about your make up. You can enjoy 3-5 years of looking your best always.


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