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Slim Fast Theraphy

New High Protein Diet: Customised & Safe
aesthetic treatments - Yoskarn Clinic Hyper Protein Diet + High Intensity Ultrasone Therapy

THE Yoskarn SLIM FAST THERAPY. By limiting the absorption of starch and fat, the body will use the fat reserves. By taking in proteins, the body will lose ... 


Yoskarn Clinic Hyperprotein diet: a medical approach whereby the main goal is a quick loss of weight and volume.

High Intensity Ultrasone Therapy: the treatment to stimulate the burning of fat and tissue regeneration, and to reduce cellulite.

Yoskarn Clinic Diet: : conservation of your weight by separating proteins and starch, the daily consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit and avoiding toxic substances.



By limiting the absorption of starch and fat, the body will use the fat reserves. By taking in proteins, the body will lose fat and will keep the muscular tissue.
The hyper-protein products, meal replacements, which we recommend, are of superior quality with high nutritional, balanced, value through which an optimal and medically safe weight loss can be achieved in a short time.

The advantages of the Hyperprotein diet

Quick loss of weight and volume (4 to 8 kg/month)
After 2 or 3 days no hungry feeling anymore
an perfectly be combined with family – and professional activities
Increased energy and a feeling of fitness and well-being
Medical follow-up for safety
Avoid rebound weight gain during the stabilization phase.

3 stageD dietary approach

The slimming phase through which, one will obtain the ideal weight.
The transitional phase as soon as one obtained the ideal weight.
The stabilization phase with healthy eating habits to avoid a new increase in weight.

An individually tailored treatment plan

Week 1

Before you start the protein cure the doctor defines, during the first consultation, your personal
action plan.

The first consultation will include:

  evaluation of your parameters: weight, length, girth measurements, body mass.
  a clinical examination to determine your personal profile and your target weight.
  a blood test. You can also bring along the results of a recent, less than 4monthold, blood tests.
  full history, clinical examination regarding the contra-indications.
  prescription of protein units and food supplements.
  the treatment can be supported, if necessary, with injections of supplements.

At this consultation you will have your first High Intensity Ultrasone Treatment to stimulate the local burning of fat and the generation of tissue to reduce cellulite.

The diet involves different stages. According to your profile the doctor will determine how long you will have to follow each treatment phase.

Week 2 - Week4 - Week 6 -…

As long as you are following the treatment plan, the doctor will have to see you every 7-14 days. The first week after starting the treatment you will come back for the first follow-up consultation. The next follow-ups are every 14 days. Each follow-up consultation exists of weighing & measuring, inquiring to possible side effects and discussing the further diet phase.

During these consultations you will also receive a High Intensity Ultrasone treatment to stimulate the generation of tissue and the local burning of fat.

If necessary, extra injection supplements can be added. During each consultation, you will receive a prescription with all your instructions, which you must adhere carefully. Respect these instructions because these are very crucial for the success of your diet.

Also after the slimming therapy you will receive instructions and advices.

For whom is this treatment suitable

This cure is suitable for men as well as women who want to lose weight for esthetical or medical reasons.
Patients with insulin dependent diabetes or those who had a recent heart attack, or a CVA, will receive adequately adjusted food advice to lose weight in safety.

For whoM is this treatment not suitable

Contra-indications for a hyper-protein diet sequence are:
liver and or kidney failure, heart failure, and certain diuretics.

Physical exercise

Adequate physical exercise may help towards the success of the treatment. Physical exercise and sports will help you lose weight much faster.
We advice everybody to walk, bike or swim at least 3 times a week. If you are able to sport more frequently, the treatment may have more effect. If you are into regular sports already, there is no need to alter your regime, unless so advised by your doctor.



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