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Probably one of the earliest wrinkles anyone can have, regardless of genes or lifestyle, is the wrinkles around the eyes commonly known as the crow’s feet or the laugh lines. Though the age of onset varies, the phenomenon that it is one of the first parts of our face that hints aging seems general.

Crow’s feet usually appears from the outer corners of the eyes to the temporal area while gradually dispersing. They become more obvious whenever we laugh or smile as the muscle pulls the skin upwards, leaving deeper creases around the eyes. Since we all love to smile and laugh, or most of us squint our eyes to see farther or when there’s bright light ahead, the Crow’s feet worsens if left untreated cosmetically.

The good news is , there is a 10minute treatment to improve crow's feet, the BOTOX injection in Thailand.





Recently, BOTOX used for the treatment on the Crow’s Feet has gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Doctors around the world had been using this however even prior to the approval.

Opthalmologists had been using BOTOX to treat eyelid twitching and blepharospasm for decades and this is partly how BOTOX was discovered for its wrinkle reduction property. A study of 833 adults was conducted by BOTOX’s manufacturer Allergan Inc. where patients were randomly assigned to receive either BOTOX or placebo injection, and people treated with BOTOX were able to see a great improvement on their Crow’s Feet. 


The effect of BOTOX typically last for 3-6 months on the crow's feet area and the recommended dose by the manufacturer is between 12-16 units per eye, however, your surgeon or doctor may start with a weaker dose especially if it’s your first time because for cosmetic procedures, it is sometimes better to go conservatively and preserve the natural than go over board and look over done. A touch up can always be done in a 1 to 2 week’s time if the dose that was first injected is not enough. This is always given complimentarily for Botox treatments at Yoskarn Clinic. 


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the recommended dose for female will between 8-16 units per side while it will be 12-16 units for male. The dosage of botox for the male clientele is usually higher because their muscles are usually bigger.


During your consultation, your doctor or surgeon will evaluate the quality of skin around your eyes and the extent of wrinkles present to determine the amount of BOTOX that will be beneficial for you. An experienced Botox Injection in Thailand, like our doctors at Yoskarn Clinic however knows how to give you just the right amount og botox upon assessment on personal consultation.


To utilize its maximum benefits, make sure that you are getting the real drug and not just some counterfeit products that plague the market today. A lot of medical service providers may be offering attractive prices with big discounts so you should beware when making your choice. Asking some friends who have done the treatment with effective result will help a lot.


With regards to the injector or the doctor, pick one with extensive knowledge on human anatomy especially the muscles and blood vessels because BOTOX is not just injected anywhere, it should be injected on the right muscles with the right amount for best results.


If you are having the BOTOX injection in preparation for some scheduled event or gathering, have it done at least 2 weeks prior to the event because it takes about 3-7 days for the drug to take effect and reduce the wrinkles.




Our clinic uses only Allergan products for our BOTOX Injections so you are sure that you are getting the right thing. Prof. Somyos Kunachak is not only a plastic, cosmetic surgeon but he is also a professor in one of the biggest medical schools in Bangkok hence his knowledge of human anatomy and all its musculature is well founded.


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Staying in the hotel also gives you the advantage of having our surgeon and support staff within reach round the clock.

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    Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is a widely used and effective treatment for reducing the appearance of crow's feet, which are the fine lines and wrinkles that form at the outer corners of the eyes. Crow's feet are typically caused by repeated facial expressions, such as smiling and squinting, over time.

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