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Those of Asian lineage are known for finer facial features with smaller eyes and nose, but the set back is most commonly, Asians also have prominent jaw line, making them feel like their features are slightly out of proportion. Though facial features and structures greatly vary nowadays, the strong jaw is still more common among Asians than Westerners.

An apparent square jaw may be caused by 3 factors, the bone, the muscle, and the drooping of the jowl which is partly caused by the pulling of the platysma muscle. For wide and thick jaw bone, surgery may be the only option, but for those with bulky, hypertrophic jaw muscle, a non-surgical option by BOTOX is a very good alternative to the extensive surgery to achieve a slimmer face. Mild degree of jowl drooping can also be lifted by BOTOX.



Basically, BOTOX jaw reduction in Thailand is a face slimming procedure that will only target the lower third of the face or the jaw area. The procedure will start with Prof. Somyos Kunachak assessing your jaw muscle (masseter) to determine where the Botox should be injected. Topical anesthesia may be applied to numb the area before the injection begins, should the patient request, but in most cases, this is not necessary.

After setting the area aside and letting the anesthesia to work, your surgeon will inject the BOTOX on your jaw area, right through the target muscle to relax the muscle and make it smaller.

You will be allowed to rest for a few minutes then you can be off to where you want to go after.

The whole treatment usually takes less than an hour and there will definitely be no down time though the result may only be appreciated in about 4 -7 days after the injection.



BOTOX is a drug that relaxes the muscle. For this effect, BOTOX has been used for a lot of cosmetic procedures including wrinkle correction and non-surgical face lift. Though the result may not be as dramatic as its surgical counterpart, BOTOX jaw reduction in Thailand has been popularly used for those patients who want to avoid going under the knife.

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After BOTOX injection, patients will have to be patient with the result because it may take 4-7 days for the muscle, especially the jaw muscle to become smaller. Patients respond differently with this treatment so we cannot guarantee how much slimmer your face will be but most of our patients see noticeable result on the 2nd week after they had their dose. Should the muscle show less change, we can usually schedule a touch up in about 2 weeks after the BOTOX injection.

The result of BOTOX Slimming Face is not permanent though it usually lasts for 3-6 months. Patients who would like to maintain the result will have to do the injection every 3-4 months.




Not everyone will enjoy the full benefits of BOTOX in Thailand for face slimming because BOTOX only works on muscles. Before our surgeon prescribes this procedure on you, he will first evaluate your facial profile in person to see if it’s the muscle that’s responsible for the bulk on your lower face, otherwise, another procedure will be prescribed such as Jaw Reduction by surgery.

Though this is a non-invasive procedure, good candidates should still be those of good health with realistic expectation over the result that can be achieved with this procedure.



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