Genital Surgery



Our world may have changed our views with sexuality and the very topic of sex, but our innate instinct is to still keep our personal issues regarding this matter as private as possible. Science may be more open with the topic of reproductive health but open discussion is still frowned upon by most of us.

Genital Surgery is a group of surgical procedures that covers the entire genital region. It can be concerned with the improvement of the labia (labiaplasty/reduction or labia augmentation), improvement of the vagina (repair, tightening, rejuvenation, or scar revision), improvement of the pubic area (liposuction or lift), hymen repair, clitoral hood lifting, and G-Spot augmentation; or for the male populace, circumcision and penile enlargement.

Though most people still regard this surgeries as merely cosmetic in nature or just a patient’s vanity, the main thing about these procedures are they improve one’s self esteem. For instance, a man who is not happy with the size of his penis may feel inadequate about himself, now choosing to undergo a penile enlargement procedure may be the only option to make him feel better.

The important thing about these procedures and what we always try to impress to all patients is that they should be doing the procedure for themselves and not for their partner or for their friends. Cosmetic surgery is a serious matter that needs to be considered fully well, especially genital surgeries.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we go the extra mile to make sure our patients not only understand the procedure but that they also accept the possible result of the surgery. We also make sure our patients make informed choices by presenting not just one option but all possible options for the kind of procedure that they want.


As we understand the sensitivity of these matters, we take extra effort to ensure that our patients treatment remain as confidential as possible. Patients who are doing surgery with us are recommended to stay at Aphrodite Inn, the hotel just beside our center. With this, they can come to our center via an adjoining door from their hotel floor to our center. Room service is also available so patients can just stay in their room during their recovery.

With the proximity, our patients can also request for our surgeon and nurses to come to room for the follow up instead of the patient coming to our center making it more convenient for them.

Each patient can also bring a support person who can stay with him/her on the same room free of charge with their own complimentary breakfast.