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Penis enhancement refers to various methods and techniques aimed at increasing the size or improving the appearance of the penis. It is essential to approach this topic with caution, as many advertised methods or products claiming to enhance the penis may lack scientific evidence or be potentially harmful. It is important to understand the available options and their potential risks and benefits.


Here are some common methods and approaches to penis enhancement:


1. Penile Enlargement Surgery: Surgical procedures for penile enhancement typically include penile lengthening surgery and penile girth enhancement. Penile lengthening surgery involves releasing the suspensory ligament to expose more of the penile shaft that is normally hidden inside the body, resulting in a slight increase in visible or flaccid length. Penile girth enhancement may involve fat transfer, dermal fillers, or injection of hyaluronic acid to increase the circumference of the penile shaft.


2. Vacuum Erection Devices (VED): VEDs are non-surgical devices that create a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood into the erectile tissue to induce an erection. While VEDs are primarily used for men with erectile dysfunction, some men may use them as a temporary method to increase the size of their erection.


3. Penile Exercises: Some men try penile exercises, also known as "jelqing," which involve stretching and massaging the penis in an attempt to increase its size. However, the effectiveness of these exercises is questionable, and they may cause harm if done incorrectly.


4. Herbal Supplements and Devices: There are various herbal supplements, pills, creams, and devices marketed as penile enhancement products. However, many of these products lack scientific evidence to support their claims, and their safety and effectiveness are not well-established.


It is crucial to be aware that the outcomes of penis enhancement methods are generally modest, and there is no guaranteed method for achieving significant and permanent size increases. Additionally, many of these methods carry potential risks and complications, including infection, scarring, loss of sensitivity, and dissatisfaction with the results.


Before considering any form of penis enhancement, it is essential to consult with a qualified urologist or a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in penile procedures. They can provide accurate information about the available options, potential risks, and expected outcomes.


It is important to note that most men fall within the normal range of penile size, and penis enhancement is not medically necessary for the vast majority of individuals. If concerns about penile size or body image are affecting self-esteem or well-being, seeking counseling or therapy may be a more appropriate approach. Open discussions with a qualified mental health professional can help address any psychological factors related to body image and sexual confidence.


Want to know more about Penis enhancement in Thailand, Please consult     Professor Somyos Kunachak.He was trained in Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University School of Medicine as well as from several academic bodies in Europe and America. He has been practicing plastic surgery in Thailand for more than 25 years and is running a private practice alongside his career as a fulltime Educator for more than 20years.

During this period, Prof. Kunachak amassed training experiences not just in the field of Plastic Surgery, but also in Anti-Aging Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Chinese Acupuncture, Laser Medicine and Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery and while doing so, authored and published more than 30 scientific and medical researches.


Prof. Kunachak has just recently retired from the academe but his natural affinity to be an educator extends to accepting a consultancy position in his university for the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


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