Body Building Program

Fit is the new Sexy! Magazines, TV shows, photos on Instagram, Tumblr, and even Facebook now show people who are not just thin, they are well built, and muscular, even the women. With the likes of The Rock, and Ms. Ronda Rousey trending whenever they post photos of their work-out sessions, more of us are no longer just striving to keep our body toned, we now want strong muscles that flexes when we move.

With the rise of our awareness to more extreme fitness also comes our increased consciousness about the food we eat, the vitamins we take, and the exercise regime we engage in. With this also comes the exponential increase in the demand for body building supplements as we become more aware that our normal diet and exercise can only do so much to support the body that we want to achieve; whilst the demand for the supplements increases, supply needs to increase as well, but the biggest problem is, most of the supplies have very questionable production means. You will see supplements over the internet at half the price of what it would cost when you buy it from a licensed pharmacist or under the supervision of your doctor. While it is definitely enticing when the package is basically the same, but the cost is only a portion of what it normally cost, the sad thing is, they are most probably not real and the only way to verify if products sold over the internet are authentic, is to have the products tested, and how long will it take to get the result? Weeks, even months.

What most people fail to understand is that manufacturing the product is costly. Years of research and millions if not billions of dollars are spent to establish the effect of a certain ingredient for a supplement to the body, which carrier will allow it to be absorbed better, and which mode of administration will work best. Naturally, supplements will be costly, but no, internet websites advertise their products, which you can buy in bulk, at a very low cost, which doesn’t actually seem quite right.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we bring you just brand names, but authentic, top of the line supplements manufactured by only the most trusted GMP affiliated laboratories all over the world.

We understand your desire to change your body not only physically, but also systemically, in a healthy way, hence, our doctors, led by Prof. Kunachak researched on the best supplements including peptides, hormones, proteins, and minerals to get you the shape of your dreams.



People who are above 25years old can start taking body building supplements and enrol in a body building program in Thailand. Teenagers and those on their early 20’s are not recommended to do so since their body is not yet matured enough to develop into the best form possible.

People, both men and women, who are looking to build more muscles, lose weight (fat loss), or both, can also use our body building regime, as well as does taking anti-aging therapy.



Under the supervision by our doctor’s each patient will first be evaluated with their hormone profile before beginning the therapy. Supplements can come in tablets or injection form, and dosage, type of supplements, along with your activity plan will be discussed after hormone profiling.

The duration of each supplementation regime along with a comprehensive plan for your body building activities and diet will also be discussed before the start of your cycle.



Since our doctors aim to assist you in achieving your desired body the healthy way, our center has compiled supplements with low aromatization (meaning the testosterone content of the supplement has a very low chance of being converted to estrogen) therefore discounting the normal effects of high estrogen hormone such as gynecomastia in men, weakness in immunity, cholesterol issues, and many others. Our doctors also picked oral supplements with the greatest benefit with the least toxicity to the liver. We all know that the biggest concern with using oral supplements is their harmful effect to the liver, hence, our doctors picked only those supplements which will be highly beneficial if taken orally, but will not harm the liver.

All our body building regime will also be tailored to your individual needs, not just a mass-produced instruction leaflet for you to follow.

You are also guaranteed to be getting only prime and authentic products produced by the best laboratories for your supplements, guided by a team of doctors who did relevant research on the supplementations and their effect to the body, thus maximizing the potential benefits of each supplement you are taking while at the same time reducing the risks associated with their use.