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 Most women long for slim, sexy legs, to go with their trim physique, unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the bone structure of runway models, for most of us, fat seems confused and decides to live on all the wrong places, or muscles develop on areas where it’s better off sleeping. Though women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, there is always room for a little tweak of improvement.


Relative to other nations, Asians commonly have shorter and more muscular calves, which most perceive unattractive due to its negative connotation to Asian history. Though muscular calves are looked upon as a sign of health and active lifestyle in other nations, others still prefer their pair to be slimmer and shapelier.


Calf Reduction by surgery however will require quite a longer downtime, hence the popularity of BOTOX for calf reduction.




Before your surgeon recommends any procedure for calf reduction, your doctor will first examine the muscle bulk of your calves. There are 2 major muscles on the calves, the soleus muscle, and the gastrocnemius muscle. Gastrocnemius muscle, being the more superficial muscle, usually gives the prominent bulk on the calves. Since surgery requires longer recovery and most of the time, scarring, patients opt for non surgical treatments instead.

Fortunately, muscle relaxant injection can also safely and effectively reduce the muscle bulk.

Pain is rarely an issue because there is no surgery and patients can actually go back to work the day after the treatment so there is generally no downtime as well.




Since the injection’s function is to relax the muscle (more famously used to facial wrinkle correction) , the effect to the  gastrocnemius muscle is the same. Though a larger amount of the drug may be required for use, and the result take 1 to 2 weeks to take effect, others may take up to a month, the result is usually not a simple thinning of the muscle but also reshaping so that it appears less bulky and masculine.

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  • Botox for Calf Reduction

    Botox (botulinum toxin type A) injections for calf reduction is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce the size of the calf muscles. This procedure is also known as calf slimming or calf contouring.

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