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Psychologists attribute our love for bigger breast to our brain’s instinct for reproduction and survival. In a journal discussing the psychology of attractiveness, it is claimed that men will be attracted to women and vice versa if they possess such characteristics that will make them more able to produce better offspring. Now, men view large, firm breast as a good source of more nutritious milk which is necessary for survival of their babies and this is why men are attracted to nicely shaped breasts.

Times may have changed and we now know for a fact that breast size doesn’t affect the quality of milk, but some things remained constant, men’s love for bigger, perkier breast.



The method of Breast Augmentation has a very interesting history and evolution. During the time when silicone implants weren’t available yet, our ancestors had experimented on paraffin, to solid materials such as glass balls, then to the non-surgical options which involves pumps and padded bras, just to make their breasts appear bigger. Then, around 50 years ago, silicone implants for the breast were developed and this gave way to the rise of breast augmentation to fame.

The use of silicone itself has however faced its own shares of ups and downs, from being banned, to being improved, to being banned again, to finally being proven safe if manufactured under the standards set by the health ministry. Nowadays, breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, ranking 2nd most performed cosmetic surgery in the whole world in 2010.



Basically, breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty in Thailand, is a surgical procedure to increase the size of the breast using either silicone implant, fillers, or fat transfer. In recent days, breast augmentation involves the use of either silicone or saline implant of different sizes, shapes, and projection; the injection of filler; or the transfer of fat from one area of the body (usually the abdomen) to the breast.

Though breast augmentation most often result in a change in the shape of the breast as well, the main purpose of the procedure is only to add more volume to the breast.

Breast Augmentation in Thailand is one of the most inquired about cosmetic procedure with a lot of centers trying to get their piece of the pie. The problem with breast augmentation, and all other procedures that uses foreign objects (silicone, filler, and others) is that the cost of the material will greatly weigh on the price of the surgery, and the sad reality is, there will always be centers who would offer less quality materials at a very cheap price. 

What patients always need to understand is that cosmetic surgery is not just about looking good, it's aslo about staying safe, and like fake fillers, fake or less quality silicone implants may have substances that are not compatible with our body which can pose health risks to us in the future. While cheaper prices may seem attractive, revision and correction procedures may actually cost more for you if you take for granted the element of safety in choosing your treatment provider.

For those having silicone implants, always remember that you can ask the center the serial number of the implants that was used for your surgery so you can check their authenticity. FDA approved Breast Implants usually cost a lot more than the average shabby cosmetic centers advertise so you have to do your research regarding the center, the surgeon, the type of implant, and the manufacturer of implant before deciding on where to have your breast augmentation in Thailand.



At Yoskarn Clinic, we offer silicone implant (by Mentor or Allergan) with round and anatomical (teardrop) type; filler injection with Macrolane and Permanent Filler; and autologous fat transfer.

Silicone Implants had been around for ages and many manufacturing companies have tried to use different silicone materials to make the price of the implant more economical but up to this day, our clinic only trusts FDA approved manufacturers for our silicone implant needs to ensure our patient’s safety not only for breast augmentation but in all other procedures where we need implants. 

For breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, we offer two (2) options to our patients regarding the shape of the silicone, the round and the anatomical implant.

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The round implant in Thailand is usually preferred by women who want perkier breasts as this adds volume to the whole breast area, giving it a rounder appearance. The anatomical implant on the other hand is preferred by women who want a more natural breast contour since the normal breast is usually sloping down from the upper part towards a heavier bottom. The size of the implant should ideally be based on the chest width of the patient and the amount of breast tissue present along with the quality of the skin. There are however some patients who would want to go bigger than what is prescribed so for these cases, we thoroughly explain the risks and the possible complication to the patient before planning for the surgery. Bigger breast implants poses bigger risks for capsular contracture and back problems in the future.


breast-enlargement-incisions-2col.jpg (388×291)



Another matter that needs to be discussed with silicone breast implants in Thailand is the incision site. Currently, there are 3 popular incision sites that are used for implant insertion, the inframammary fold, the axilla, and the peri-areolaBased from Prof. Somyos Kunachak’s experience however, the best option is still the incision through the inframmary fold, as it is the most direct approach the implant placement.


Lastly for the use of silicone implants in Thailand, you also have to consider the placement of the implant. We do both over and under the muscle but under the muscle is more commonly done because this has lesser chance of capsular contracture and future sagging based from our surgeon’s experience. This placement type will however cause more pain as your muscle will have to stretch to accommodate the implant.

For your second option which is the Filler, we do this procedure for those who want an increase in the size of his breast without surgery. This is also the choice of patients who just want a fuller look without a significant increase in size. The best part about filler injection for breast augmentation in Thailand is that there will be no down time so patients can actually have the injection in one day then go back to work the following day. Additional injections can be done should patients want an increase in size again. Breast augmentation by filler in Thailand can be done using permanent or temporary fillers.

The last option for our breast augmentation procedure is the autologous fat transfer. With this procedure, stem-cell enriched fat cells or fat cells (depending on your choice) will be harvested from other parts of your body, then injected to your breast. Before the injection process however, Prof. Somyos Kunachak and his team will process the fat for the implantation to improve its survival rate. This is the choice of patients who wants a natural method of breast augmentation without using any foreign material in your body.



During your initial visit to our center, our surgeon will evaluate your breast and body proportions. As mentioned above, we take into consideration the current size of the breast, your physical build, your existing breast tissue, and the skin on the breast before recommending a certain size which our surgeon thinks (based from experience) will look best for you. After evaluation, our surgeon will present your options for breast augmentation, carefully discussing the pros and cons of each of the choices. You will then decide which method of breast augmentation you prefer along with the size of the implant that  size you want to use.

We always make sure that you get informed choices before you make a decision regarding your breast augmentation.



Breast augmentation in Thailand is usually done under general anesthesia except for filler injections which you have the option to decide whether you want to do under local anesthesia. Surgical time may vary from 1-3 hours depending on the method that you have decided to use.

After implanting the silicone, filler, or fat, our surgeon will of course take a look at the symmetry of your breast before closing (for silicone only) or concluding the procedure. For patients with naturally asymmetrical breast to begin with, Prof. Kunachak may recommend a pair of implant that's slightly different in size, depending on what you and our surgeon has agreed upon during the consultation.



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A noticeable increase in the size of your breast will be noted right after your breast augmentation in Thailand but this size will change over the next 2 months following surgery as the breast implant settles and the swelling subsides. Lying flat on your back should be your sleep position for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. Some degree of pain, swelling, and bruising can be expected whichever method you choose. Breast will also be tender and a bit hard after the surgery but over the next 3-4 months, it should return to normal.

For those who used silicone implants, you may notice the breast sitting a bit high on your chest right after surgery and during the early days of your recovery. This is normal and it may take 2-3 months before it settles into its pocket and drop lower. Swelling may also make the breast look a lot fuller than it will normally be with the impalnt. Those who had incision on along the axilla may feel tightness especially when extending or raising the arms. This will resolve in a few weeks but stretching will help as long as you don’t push yourself too far. Arm stretching exercises can be started in 2 weeks after surgery. 

Asymmetry will be normal during the healing period as well because our body doesn’t heal at quite the same rate, it usually takes about 6 months before we can judge asymmetry. For breast implants, since the breast is naturally asymmetrical, we cannot promise if we can correct it, but our surgeon will always do the best he can to give every patient the best result possible. For those who used filler injection and fat transfer, correction of asymmetry may be done just by injecting additional volume.

Lifting anything heavier than 5lbs (2-3kg) is discouraged during the first 3-4 months to allow the breast tissues to heal properly.

Numbness or hypersensitivity of the breast, areola, and nipple will be normal during the recovery period as well because of the trauma during the breast augmentation procedure but normal sensation should return in at most 6 months.

It will typically take 6 months for the result of a breast augmentation to settle and during this 6 month period, your breast will change a lot from the day of your surgery.



There are a number of reasons why you should choose Yoskarn Clinic for your breast augmentation surgery, but to give you our top 3, one, we have one of the best surgeons in Bangkok with more than 30years of experience in cosmetic surgery; two, we only use high quality products, and this is your breast, you will never want to use second rate implants or fillers for it, so you should only go for the best; lastly, we offer you options to choose from, we will not tell you this one is the best because this is the only one that we have, we will present the good and bad sides of having each of your option then you can decide for yourself with Prof. Somyos Kunachak’s guidance.

Aside from the surgical side, we also offer more than just medical service as provide assistance in finding comfortable hotel while having our nurses and surgeon available just next door. Privacy is also important for us that’s why we opened an adjoining door connecting our center to the hotel as we converted the 2nd floor of the hotel to suit our patient's accommodation. This is the reason why we partnered with Aphrodite Inn, the hotel sitting just right next to our center. With our patients staying at the hotel, they get the benefit of the comfortable environment of a nt’s post-operative needs.

Unlike ordinary hospital rooms, your companion can stay with you during your stay in our center with their own comfortable bed, complimentary breakfast, and amenities free of charge. Room service is also available anytime and hotel staffs are always available to provide assistance.