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Have any of you ever tried wearing a dress that will require not wearing a bra? Did you feel confident about your pair? Or do you feel the need to check if the dress is slipping because your babies couldn't hold it up anymore?

Most of us have moments when we just stare at our reflection in the mirror thinking about how we look when we were younger, before we had a baby, or before we lost so much weight. These are the moments when we realize so much has already changed in our body. The good thing is, if our abdomen is no longer as flat as it once was, we can always try more exercise to lose weight, but for our breast, once it starts to sag, there is no more turning back.

We can try putting on expensive push up bras that will look good on the outside, but once we remove it, we go back to the reality that we are no longer happy with the shape of our once proud pair.

Breast lift or Mastopexy in Thailand, is a surgical procedure that will bring back the shape and perkiness of the breast, however, the surgery is actually quite extensive and the scar is sometimes visible.




Good candidates for breast lift in Thailand are those women who are no longer happy with the shape of their breast and want some improvement. Women who would like to undergo mastopexy in Thailand should understand that there is a chance that their breast will be a bit smaller if they want to restore its perkiness (depending on the pre-surgery condition of the breast), but this will be fully explained during the consultation. For patients wanting to retain the size of their breast before the sagging comes in to play, a small implant ic sometimes recommended

Patients who are considering breast lift in Thailand should be of good health physically, mentally, and emotionally. The surgery is a bit extensive with the incision quite big so healing period will be longer.

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During your initial visit with our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, he will evaluate the degree of sagging of your breast then recommend the incision type and breast lift technique  that will work best for your case. For breast lift surgery in Thailand, there are 3 types of incision, the donut incision or donutpexy, the key-hole incision or the lollipop lift, and the anchor incision.


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Basically, the donut incision will be a cut around the areola. This type of incision is only indicated for patients with mild breast ptosis where no tissue repositioning and minimal skin reduction is necessary. This is the least invasive technique for breast lift or mastopexy in Thailand with the fastest recovery of only 7 days.

The second type of incision which is the key-hole incision is for patients with moderate breast sagging. This type of incision will run around the areola with a vertical line from the areola going down to the crease of the breast. This incision will allow our surgeon to manipulate your breast tissue to push it up while more excess skin can also be removed or excised. The area will however be limited so the modification will also be limited.

The last type of incision which is indicated for severe sagging, is the anchor incision. This type of incision will run around the areola, down to the crease of the breast, and along the crease. This technique will enable full access to underlying breast tissue therefore more fat and skin may be removed. This technique will however have the longest recovery period of 2 weeks.

After deciding on the incision type that will give you the result that you want to achieve, Prof. Somyos Kunachak will then discuss the possibility of using silicone implant in cases where there will be very little breast tissue left but you want to maintain the size of your breast. Naturally, for women with severe sagging, the breast decreases in size once the excess skin has been removed.

For those who have existing breast implants, the implants can be removed or replaced but we do not recommend keeping it or putting it back after your breast lift surgery because it will greatly increase the chance of infection.

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Breast lift surgery in Thailand is always done under general anesthesia and the surgery may take 3-4 hours depending on the incision type. Prof. Kunachak, our surgeon, will start the surgery with the incision around the areola, then extend to the crease of the breast if necessary. On some cases, fat may be removed during surgery, on others, breast tissue will be repositioned and pushed upwards to fill the top portion of the breast before tightening the skin.

On cases where breast implant will be used in combination with the lift, our surgeon will place the implant once the breast tissue and the fat on your breast has already been repositioned so the implant pocket can be fixed in accordance with your newly repositioned breast tissue.

Before closing the incision, your surgeon will make sure your breast is as symmetrical as possible.


The main goal of a breast lift surgery is to bring back the fullness and perkiness of the breast that was lost due to several factors such as pregnancy, weight loss, and/or aging. Usually, a sagging breast will start to lose fullness on the upper pole until it reaches the point when the nipple and areola are already sitting below the crease of the breast. Though natural breast is usually slopping from the top of the breast with the bottom part heavier, a ptotic breast usually have very little breast tissue left on the upper part and all the mass settles either at the bottom or dragged down around the areola and nipple then point downwards.

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After a breast lift procedure in Thailand, you can expect to have a fuller upper breast with the nipple and areola pulled higher and the nipple pointing forward. Though some unevenness on the height of your breasts may be present, this should usually not be noticeable. Howver, for breasts that are highly asymmetrical to begin with, keep in mind that our surgeon can only do so much, hence slight asymmetry may still persist after the procedure but our surgeon will make this asymmetry as inconspicuous as possible. 



Your breast area will be wrapped with bandages after the surgery but this will be removed the following day and your nipples will be checked. Since the incision will be around the areola, blood supply to your nipple will be a bit compromised so it’s crucial to check its color regularly (you should report any changes in the color of your nipple as soon as you notice it). Numbing of the nipple is normal after breast lift surgery in Thailand that’s why the color will be the one that’s should be strictly monitored.

Some degree of pain and discomfort is expected a few days after the surgery but these can be controlled by pain medications which we will prescribed by our surgeon after your consultation.

Drains may be placed during the surgery but it will be removed in 2-3 days depending on the fluid output. Drains are used to avoid fluid build-up or seroma after surgery. These drains also promote faster recovery and lessen chances of complications.

The shape of your breast may not be a perfectly round or some areas may be more bruised and both sides may not be equal during the first few days after your breast lift in Thailand, but this is normal and this should resolve in the next 6 months. Your support bra will play an important role during your recovery so make sure to wear tight but comfortable support bra at all times. Also take note not to wear bras with underwire during the first 6 months as well.

Sutures will be removed 1-2 weeks after surgery depending on the condition of the incision sites and the incision type. Though scars from breast lift surgery in Thailand may be quite visible, they usually heal well as long as you take care of them. Scar creams should not be applied unless the incision site has fully healed or closed as some chemicals on the cream may affect the healing of the tissue inside. Should there be any reaction, please consult a dermatologist or send us a message immediately.



Breast lift in Thailand is a complicated surgical procedure that requires surgical expertise from your chosen surgeon. Note that loss of nipple sensation or loss of ability to breast feed are possible complications of the procedure so you should choose your surgeon wisely.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak, with his more than 30 years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience has handled many cases involving complicated procedures so you can be confident about his capabilities.

Aside from our surgeon, our center will also be able to provide you the kind of after care service that no other centers can. By partnering with Aphrodite Inn, a boutique hotel just beside our clinic, you will be enjoying the comforts of staying in a hotel while having medical trained nurses and doctors take care of you. Most patients will have to move to a hotel after 2-3 days in a hospital because hospital rooms just don’t feel comfortable enough. When you move to a hotel, you lose the benefit of having nurses and doctors within arm reach, now if you stay at Aphrodite Inn, your will be able to enjoy a cozy room and your doctors will be able to visit you every day without you leaving your room.

Companions can also stay with you in the room free of charge, with their own complimentary breakfast. Room service is also available anytime.








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