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Have you tried wearing your once most figure-flattering pants and notice that it just doesn’t fit well anymore? Or have you refrained from buying a super sexy dress because you feel like you don’t have enough “assets” behind?

Like the rest of your body, the shape of your buttocks will bring balance to your over all body contour. Now, not everyone has the same butt shape, according to cosmetic surgeons, there are 4 major butt shapes, the square, the “V”, the round, and the heart shaped buttocks.

The square-shaped buttocks are those who have almost equal in size from waist to hips which gives a straight appearance to the body which also resembles a masculine physique. The “V” shaped buttocks on the other hand is considered one of the least attractive butt shapes because this gives the look of a wider waist with smaller hips. The third shape, which is the round shaped buttocks, has the look of having equal ratio between the waist and the hips and may sometimes give the impression of being bottom-heavy. Lastly, the heart shaped butt which is considered the sexiest shape, as it gives the appearance of a slimmer waist with heavier hips.

No matter what your butt shape is, our surgeon will find a way to improve it with butt augmentation in Thailand.



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During your initial visit to our clinic, our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, will evaluate the shape of your buttocks as well as the shape you want to achieve. He will then recommend the best shape of butt implant in Thailand that will enable you to get the result that you want.

There are different options for you to choose from when undergoing butt augmentation in Thailand by silicone implant, for instance, for the shape, we have the round and the oval; for texture, we have cohesive silicone and solid silicone; and for surface, we have the smooth and textured. The size of the implant will also be discussed during this visit.

Upon deciding on the implant you want to use, the incision site will then be discussed. There are 2 possible sites that we offer; one is the vertical incision down the center of the sacrum or a horizontal incision along the folds of your buttocks. Most of our patients choose the incision on the sacrum (tailbone area) for more inconspicuous scarring.

Placement will also be another factor because implants can be placed either on top, or underneath the muscle. In our surgeon’s experience with this procedure however, we found out that intramuscular (underneath the muscle) placement is still more superior in terms of long term result for Butt Augmentation in Thailand as it is less prone to migration and sagging and it gives a more natural result.  One factor we alays have to consider however is the condition of your butt whether you have enough fat and a lot of other factors. Your surgeon, Prof. Kunachak, will go through the pro’s and con’s of each of your options and recommend whichever will work best for you.

There are cases when your surgeon will recommend a liposuction around the area surrounding the buttocks and/or removal of excess skin and fat for those patients with sagginess on the lower part of the buttocks to compliment the implant that will be used for your butt augmentation in Thailand. Sometimes, our surgeon may also recommend fat injection (Butt Augmentation by Fat Transfer in Thaialnd) in cases where an implant may not be enough to achieve the result that you want.

The final decision will always be yours but out surgeon will certainly give you all the information you need regarding the surgery before we confirm your procedure.


Butt Augmentation in Thailand can be done under general anesthesia or sedation; this will also be discussed during your consultation. The surgery proper will take about 1-2 hours, though it will take longer if liposuction or fat transfer should also be done in one procedure.

You will be placed in prone position (lying on your stomach) the entire time of the surgery. Depending on the choices you’ve made during your consultation, the surgery may vary in technique but the common thing is, before closing, our surgeon will make sure your buttocks look as symmetrical as possible, and the incisions, as inconspicuous as possible.


With Yoskarn Clinic’s very own technique for butt augmentation in Thailand, you will only be required to sleep on your stomach for 1 week instead of the 2-3 week requirement for the conventional technique. Ambulation is encouraged as tolerated, and sitting though not prohibited, is discouraged for at least 2 weeks. If sitting cannot be avoided, post-operative patients are encouraged to just sit for a few minutes at a time.

No garments will be necessary with our new technique for butt augmentation in Thailand, therefore, you will not feel restricted after surgery.

Normally, the implant will settle in 2-3 months so we make sure that patients understands that during the first few weeks, their buttocks will be swollen and they may not be able to appreciate the result of the surgery.

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Numbness of the area or a tingling sensation will be normal for the first few weeks as well though you may have to consult your surgeon if it persists for more than 6months.

It is very important to keep the incision site clean and dry at all times especially after each bowel movement to avoid infection. Our nurses will show you how to take care of the site before you get discharged from our care.


Buttocks Implants in Thailand, like any other silicone implants, should only come from respectable manufacturing companies due to its possible health threat if a second-rate material is used. In our clinic, not only do we have the most talented surgeons and medical care team, we also use only the best products for all our implants and medical devices.

Aside from this, our center also offers hotel accommodation for patients who would like to stay closer to our center (highly recommended), for convenience and for security. Our center and hotel is located right at the heart of Bangkok’s shopping capital so if you are in to shopping or sight-seeing once you are strong enough, you can actually just walk around and find all the stuffs you need within a 5km radius.

Staying at the hotel also gives you extra privacy as we have an adjoin door from the hotel to our center so you will not have to walk around outside to come to our clinic, this works vice versa as our medical staffs and our surgeon will be able to visit you at your room upon your request.

Your companion or friend will also be able to stay in your room free of charge with complimentary breakfast during the duration of your stay. Room service is also available if you don’t feel like going out just yet.



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    Have you tried wearing your once most figure-flattering pants and notice that it just doesn’t fit well anymore? Or have you refrained from buying a super sexy dress because you feel like you don’t have enough “assets” behind?

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