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High cheekbones had always been a symbol of aristocratic beauty. In the olden days, the eruption of high cheek bones signifies that a woman is already of ripe age and is already capable of reproduction while for men, high cheek bones and strong chin signals masculinity and toughness. Nowadays, fashion magazines give emphasis to apple cheeks as the definition of vitality, and beauty. Notice how all models and classic beauties have that bony prominence that makes them look fiercely attractive.

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Higher cheekbones is also one defining characteristic of youth, as losing volume in the malar region is one of the first visible signs associated with the aging face. Imagine your face as a building with your cheekbones as the scaffolding, isn’t it that when the scaffolding starts to fall, the whole building looks like it will collapse? Hence, when the cheek bones start to lose volume as we age, our face starts to look saggy, with everything from our skin to the muscle being pulled downwards. This aging look lent fame once again to cheek augmentation procedures.



At Yoskarn Clinic, Prof Kunachak offers 3 options for cheek augmentation, one is the filler injection in Thailand, second is autologous fat transfer in Thailand, and the last is cheek augmentation by silicone implant in Thailand.

Like chin surgery, filler injections on the cheek area make use of temporary fillers such as juvederm, resytylane, or perlane; or permanent fillers such as aquamid. You may however need more amount of fillers due to the malar area being bigger than the mental region. Fillers on the malar area gives a subtle yet dramatic improvement on the volume of the cheeks, giving the face a younger yet more natural look. Unlike silicone implants however, fillers doesn’t have a definite shape, therefore, your surgeon’s capability and artistry will play the biggest role in achieving the contour that you want to achieve with your cheek augmentation by fillers. Doing this procedure in our clinic under Prof. Kunachak then gives you an edge with his more than 30 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques in Thailand.

The other option which makes use of the patient’s own fat is a little bit more invasive because it will involve harvesting the patient’s fat by liposuction. Usually, the fat will be harvested from the abdominal region, then processed. The processed fat will then be injected to the malar region. Much like the effect of the filler, cheek augmentation by fat transfer in Thailand gives a more refined yet gentler change in the appearance which makes the face look naturally younger. Fat Transfer in Thailand is also a more permanent option than fillers though a touch up may be needed 6-12months after the first injection as fat survival rate is just about 60-80%.

Doing fat transfer is also very beneficial in the sense that the transfer can be done to other areas of the face and the body simultaneously as long as you have enough fat on the donor sites. 

Filler injection or fat transfer cheek augmentation techniques in Thailand also stimulates the treated area to produce more collagen making the effect better as time passes. Recovery is also significantly faster than their surgical counterpart because less trauma is introduced in the area at there will be no incision. Swelling and bruising can be expected for the first week but it gradually subsides by the second week. 

Depending on whether the patient wants an apple cheek or a smooth curve, our surgeon will perform the technique that will work best to deliver the patient's desired result.

For the third option which is surgical in nature, the procedure is best done using general anesthesia with the incision placed inside the mouth, usually on the underside of the chin. Cheek Implant surgery in Thailand may be a little more risky than Cheek Augmentation by injection but the result for this is more permanent. Also, since cheek implants have more definite shape and size, the result will be easier to predict.

The choice of whether an implant, fat, or filler is more preferred will however depend upon the patient’s desire, health condition (whether the patient is healthy to do surgery or not), recovery period, and many other factors. Prof. Somyos Kunachak will discuss all the options along with their benefits and risks as we make sure our patients are well informed before deciding to have any procedure or treatment.




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Whether you choose fillers, fat, or silicone implant for your heek augmentation in Thailand, the result to be expected is a fuller, more prominent cheeks which characterizes beauty and youth. Harmony of facial features is also one of our top priorities with this procedure. Filling the malar area also gives the lower face an instant lift as the skin and tissues are pulled upwards therefore the whole procedure addresses two conditions in one.



Our clinic takes pride in providing our patients warm welcome whenever they visit. This is evidenced by a number of our clients staying with us for years and some even decades. Aside from world class surgeons and medical team with warm and friendly staffs, we also use only the best quality materials for each procedure. For cheek implants, we only use Implantech Implants, an FDA, ISO-13485, and CE Certified manufacturer of facial implants based in USA.

Our clinic also offers a whole package of accommodation from our nearby hotel, Aphrodite Inn, which sits adjacent to our facility with a connecting door on the 2nd floor for patient privacy. The 2nd floor of Aprodite Inn was also converted to suit the needs of our patients, pre and post-operatively. Each room is equipped with mechanical beds, with hotel quality mattresses, and oxygen outlet for patients who just had surgery. Medical equipments and emergency apparatuses are also within reach from the rooms so there will be no need to worry about recovery.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak and the rest of our team also pays visit to all patients staying in the nearby hotel every day. Patients who are staying with a companion also enjoy the privilege of sharing the room with them as part of their surgical package.

We also make arrangements for tours and transportation depending on the client need.




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  • Cheek Augmentation

    Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the shape and volume of the cheeks to create a more defined and youthful facial appearance. This procedure is also known as malar augmentation or cheek enhancement.

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