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Stubborn fat is probably our figure’s worst enemy with them settling in all the wrong places or staying no matter how hard we work out or how much we modify our diet to a healthier one. Those belly pooch and muffin tops that seem to scream their presence every time we wear figure flattering clothes, or that bra roll that pops out whenever we try to put on our slim fit tops, are just as annoying as having a zit right at the middle of our face.

In the previous years, we only have 2 options to remove these unsightly bulges, one is to lose weight and wish, everyday, that the lower abdomen fat go first and leave the butt perk alone, and the second is to go under the knife by liposuction. The problem is, weight loss does not target the problem areas, some people lose a significant amount of weight and still have the bulges they want to lose in the first place, and the idea of a surgery with a few days downtime may be a little too scary and over the top for a lot of people.

The use of lasers and radio frequency had also been introduced over the years to contour the body and while a lot of machines had really shown good potential, the heat and discomfort from these treatments had not been well received. There are also non-surgical options that grew in and out of the circle but they give very little effect, and they require several sessions before any result becomes apparent. Now if you are on your Medical Vacation in Thailand, or you only have a few days off from work, would you choose a per session treatment that will take most of your day offs, and will show very little difference, or would you opt for the latest fat reduction technique called Cool Sculpting, your one time, non-surgical solution to stubborn fat.



CoolSculpting in Thailand by Zeltique is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction device that uses precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat cells which in turn is called Cryolipolysis or Cool Sculpting. Clinical studies of the use of this device report an average of 20 to 30-percent fat loss per treated area over a period of 6 months but patients who are on well balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle has been reported to lose more. 

However, Fat loss by coolsculpting will not directly affect your weight, but it will visibly affect the size of the area. Patients who had done the procedure report 1-3in loss on the treated area after just one treatment. Though the procedure permanently destroys fat cells, weight gain is still possible especially if you don’t watch your diet, therefore, even after the destruction of fat on the area, gaining weight after a cycle of coolsculpting in Thailand can lead to not seeing much improvement on the treated area.The device and the technique is not a solution for obesity, it is designed for spot treatment of areas such as love handles, back, bra rolls, and stomach rolls.



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Yoskarn Clinic is proud to be one of the FIRST clinics in Thailand to offer COOLADVANTAGE Fat Reduction by CoolSculpting. Cool Advantage boasts shorter treatment time from 1hour to as short as 35minutes, more comfort in terms of pressure, and better suction which allows the applicators to cover 10% larger area. Cool Advantage has the same effectiveness as the well received and highly regarded CoolSculpting applicators. Cost STARTS AT 7,90THB PER AREA.

We also have the COOLMINI which is specially designed for smaller areas such as the under chin, the front of the armpit, and the area just above the knee, and lastly, the COOLSMOOTH for the outer thigh and saddlebags. 


CoolSculpting in Thailand works by pulling excess fat towards the cooling plates that will be placed against your skin. This plates will hold the fat by a strong vacuum while the treatment is being done. The device will be set to a temperature that will freeze fat cells without harming other nearby vessels, tissues, cells, or your skin.

A cooling gel pad will be placed against your skin before the cooling probe is applied to protect your skin from the cold temperature. 

***Note that the use of counterfeit gel pads may not be enough to protect your skin. This is the reason why some patients experience burns on treated areas. Check the name of the center you would like to do your Cool Sculpting in Thailand, with

Once the fat cells are frozen, they will start to die then your body will get rid of them naturally. Though you will see some changes after the procedure, it will take about 2-4 months for you to notice a big difference and about 6 months for the changes to settle.