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Sexual development peaks during puberty and this brings about a lot of changes physically, intellectually, and mentally for most of us. From here on, everything seems to be going forward, breasts become bigger, bodies become more muscular, fats decrease and our shape changes to become leaner, and energy never seems to run out, but as we reach our late 20’s, things become stagnant, we try to exercise as much, even more, yet, our body no longer responds, we try to eat less, and yet we still gain weight. Aside from growth hormones, sex hormones also start to drop gradually in our early 30’s. Though our supply may still be enough to run our system, it is no longer enough to sustain our sexual developments.

DHEA, the precursor of the sex hormones Estrogen and Androgen, gradually declines as we age, and some effects such as more pronounced signs of aging, decreased sex drive, and increase in fat and decrease in muscle mass.



DHEA or Dehydroepiandosterone, is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. This hormone is responsible for the production of male and female sex hormones. Decreased level of DHEA had been linked to several age-related diseases for which research are still underway, but scientists are already proposing restoring the youthful level of DHEA to reverse or prevent some age-related health issues.

There are a number of scientific evidence that taking DHEA might help treat depression. With its role in the production of sex hormones, DHEA is also being used to reduce vaginal dryness in women, improve men’s erection, and improve the sexual experience, especially for older people. Part of its anti-aging benefits is that it is claimed to make the skin look younger and smoother.

DHEA has also been linked to being a “feel good drug” as it alleviates mood and controls mood swings for women.

The downside of this drug is that a lot of products claiming to contain the hormone are available in the market, and the sad truth is, only a handful of them may be real.

Self prescription of DHEA i9n Thailand is highly discouraged as long-term effects of the drug are actually not yet established. Though studies lasting for years haven’t actually found a significant adverse effect, self-medication may still pose some risks.



Like other hormonal replacement drugs, a hormone screening test is required before prescription of this drug for proper dosing. Usually, the hormone is given in bio-identical tablet form and is taken daily, usually after breakfast. An initial prescription will be for a month then you will have to go back to see our surgeon again to discuss the effect on you before we prescribe another round of DHEA replacement.

Though the idea is refutable, doctors still recommend taking the drug on the same time every day because this is a precursor hormone and since its product are sex hormones, fluctuation in levels may cause mood swings.

DHEA in Thailand is widely available in different preparations, but it will be best to get your supply from your doctor to make sure you are getting the real hormone with the right dose. 

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  • Bio-Identical DHEA

    Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen in the body. Bio-identical DHEA refers to a form of DHEA that is molecularly identical to the DHEA produced by the human body. It is derived from plant sources and is often used as a supplement to help address hormonal imbalances or as an anti-aging treatment.

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