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They say a woman can go out without make up as long as she has a good mascara and lip gloss. True to that, long and curly eyelashes make up for bare skin as it draws attention to the eyes. Women all over the world go from false eye lashes to eyelash extensions (that only last for a month or two), to those ridiculously expensive volumizing and lengthening mascaras just to achieve that sexier flutter.

Sad to say, the more we use products to make our eyelashes look longer and fuller, the more we lose them. For women who frequent salons for an eyelash extension, most of their real eyelashes fall off as the extensions itself fall of, making their eyelashes thinner and shorter. 

Few are born with naturally thick and curled lashes, so for those who are not as gifted, temporary solutions like extensions or false lashes are the go-to solutions. For a more permanent option, eyelash transplant is your answer.



Eyelash transplant in Thailand is a cosmetic procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles as eyelashes around the eyes. The procedure will involve harvesting hair from the temple area, then processing for the hair follicle, and finally, threading each hair follicle into the skin along the eyelid margin using a special instrument.

At Yoskarn Clinic, Prof. Somyos Kunachak’s team uses the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, and Strip Harvesting method for hair transplant. FUE is a method of harvesting individual follicular unit directly from the patient’s donor area, ideally one at a time making the procedure less traumatic. The other procedure, which is also available in our clinic, is the strip harvesting for which a strip of hair bearing scalp is removed, and each hair follicle is manually split under microscope or magnification.

For Eyelash Transplant however, we only use the FUE Method and we limit the hair follicles to between 60 to 120 for the upper lid margin, and another 60-120 follicles for the lower lid margin depending on their length.



 eyelash3 (1).png (600×154)

It will take a while before the hair starts to grow, but on average, patients start to notice the result in 3-4 months. After this period, patients will note a significant increase in the volume and length of their eyelashes. Though our surgeons team will do their best to control the direction the transplanted hair will go, you will still need to trim and curl your lashes up yourself from time to time.



The donor site for FUE technique will form multiple tiny spots or clots for a few days which will be well covered by the surrounding hair. Since there will be no need for suture removal as no incisions are made, there will actually be no down time after this technique. 

For strip harvesting, stitches will be used on the scalp area which needs to be removed 2 weeks after surgery. Frequent follow ups will the scheduled after surgery to monitor the healing of the incision site. Since this method will not be used for Eyelash Transplant in Bangkok, see this topic discussed more in our Hair Transplant section.



·    A maximum of 60-120 hair follicles can be transplanted to your eyelids to maintain its natural look. Depending on the length of your lid margin, putting on too many follicles will just cause falling off since the area is very limited and for the hair graft to implant itself for survival, it has to be well nourished, crowding the small area will cause distrubution (division) of the nutrients which can lead to the grafts receiving less nutrients, thus higher chance of hair fall.

·    For the first few weeks, you may doubt the result as the hair will have to adapt to the area where it is transplanted first so growth will be slow, but usually, you will notice some difference in 3-4 months. Putting on falsies while for the transplanted hair to grow is not advisable though may be used in about 2 months. 

·   Since the natural hair never stops growing, you will have to trim your eyelashes regularly, depending on how fast your hair grows. Curling the eyelash is also recommended as though most of the transplanted hair should follow the direction of the eyelash curve, there will still be some that will be straight. We can never guarantee that 100% of the transplanted hair will grow in the direction of the natural eyelash.

eyelash4 (1).png (600×128)

·    Transplanted hair will be more resistant to hair fall but you should still be careful not to pull it out when cleaning your face or your eyes especially during the first few weeks after your Eyelash Transplant in Thailand.



Eyelash Transplant in Thailand is not yet a very popular cosmetic procedure so only a few centers offer this, however, our clinic is working with a team of highly trained doctors and nurses who had been offering hair transplant for years. Prof. Somyos Kunachak himself participates in the whole procedure, but this is not one man surgery, so he picked one of the best hair transplant team in Thailand to work with him for all our hair transplant procedures.

Aside from the quality of our work, we also take pride in offering a whole package of services from transportation to hotel accommodations, to tours after recovery.

Our affiliate hotel, Aphrodite Inn, is located adjacent our own center, with one whole floor dedicated to all our patients who would like to have any surgery or treatment with us. Each room on the 2nd floor of Aphrodite Inn is complete with mechanical beds and soft, hotel, mattresses to assure patient comfort. Since there is an adjoining door on the 2nd floor of the hotel to our center, patients are also granted with privacy as you won’t have to walk around or go out with bandages. Our surgeon and nurses also visits patients staying in the hotel everyday to see their progress in recovery.

Post-op patients who are staying in the hotel are allowed to have a companion with them to stay in the same room with their own comfortable bed, free of charge.

For, patients who are strong enough, or companions who wants go around Bangkok, we can make arrangements for tours to different attractions depending on your taste.






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    They say a woman can go out without make up as long as she has a good mascara and lip gloss. True to that, long and curly eyelashes make up for bare skin as it draws attention to the eyes. Women all over the world go from false eye lashes to eyelash extensions (that only last for a month or two

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