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There are 3 common requests men usually seek regarding their penile, the lengthening of the shaft, the enhancement of the girth, and the optimization of their erection. With the advancements in biotechnology available at Yoskarn Clinic, our surgeons has developed techniques to achieve this goals effectively and safely. The methods can be tailored to match the individual problems and needs of each patient.

1. For Underdeveloped Penis due to Hypogonadism (especially for teenagers) - we offer a combination of balanced hormone therapy, growth factor, penile enhancement device, and stem cells

2. For adults looking to have enlargements procedures, we offer both surgical and nonsurgical options.

For the surgical options, we have: 

  • Fat Transfer - This is a minor surgical procedure that will involve harvesting fat on the abdomen area (or other areas with fat) then processing the fat ready for transplantation to the penile shaft for girth enhancement. The procedure will basically have not much downtime.
  • Penile Suspensory Ligament Release -  The ligament release is a semi-complicated surgical procedure with an incision placed on the base of the penis to cut the ligament. This procedure will be done under general anesthesia and recovery will be 7 days.
  • Acellular Dermal Matrix Implantation - This procedure will involve inserting a sheet for Acellular Dermal Matrix around the penile shaft, to increase the girth of the penis. The incision will be placed near the head of the penis, much like a circumcision incision

For the non-surgical options, we have:

  • Filler Injection - Filler Injection had long been used for penile enlargement, but our center use Juvederm Fillers (absorbable) for safety reasons. Usually, patients start at 6-10mL of fillers for visible girth enhancement.
  • PRP or the P-Shot - PRP as we know is very rich in growth factorts. This procedure will involve taking your blood, processing it to extract PRP, activating the PRP, then injecting it to the major veins that supply blood to the penis. The PRP will then engorge the veins of the penis, thus improving erection while at the same time enlarging the penis.

3. For patients with problems with Erection, we offer hormone therapy, stem cell therapy, medications, and PRP depending on the cause of the Erectile Dysfunction. A series of tests may be requested depending on your current health condition, age, and weight.

4. For patients with Early Ejaculation problems, we have the FDA approveds PRILIGY to help delay ejaculation.

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