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Unlike women, the male chest doesn’t develop in puberty so men will have to work hard to achieve the shape that they want. For men, a well defined chest completes the overall appearance of a body builder’s frame. Though chest muscles (pectoralis major) develop and improve with the right exercise, some men just can’t achieve the right definition. Most men will be able to achieve the fullness and thickness that they want for the chest muscle, but never the right shape. Some men also have congenital asymmetrical breast and they are also perfect candidates for pectoral implant.

As more and more men are becoming more conscious with their appearance, more and more cosmetic procedures are becoming available to them. Pectoral Implant, a surgery involving the use of silicone implants to add volume and shape to the male breast has also been gaining acceptance and popularity to our male clientele.



Pectoral implant is a cosmetic surgery procedure involving the placement of silicone implant to augment the pectoral muscle. The implant is usually placed underneath the pectoralis major (the bigger chest muscle) so it still feels natural.

Unlike the breast implants for women, pectoral implants are a little more tailored with more varied shapes and sizes since the male chest muscle is a little bit more varied as well. These implants are also generally harder, flatter, and less flexible.


Men who would like to do pectoral implant should be of sound physical, mental, and emotional health. Men should also understand that the procedure will cause a scar which will be hidden on the armpit, but it will nevertheless be a scar.

The best results are often seen with men who already have good muscle tone but are desiring for more definition on the chest area.

Pectoral Implant surgery is also being used as a corrective surgery for men with Poland’s Syndrome, a congenital condition wherein the muscle on the chest fails to develop either partially or completely. The surgery can also be done as reconstructive procedure for patients who have had major trauma on the chest.


Pectoral Implant is usually performed under general anesthesia. Like breast augmentation for women, the silicone implant will be inserted through an incision but for pectoral implant, we only use the armpit incision to minimize the chance of visible scarring.

After your surgeon open up the incision, the muscle will be dissected to create a pocket for which the implant will be inserted. The implant is always placed under the muscle for a natural look since the male chest doesn’t have much fat in it.

Once both implants are in place, our surgeon always checks if both sides are as symmetrical as possible before closing.

The surgery typically takes 1-2 hours.


You will immediately notice the increase in the size of your chest after the procedure but the area may also cause pain and discomfort. Swelling and bruising will be visible for the first few days so your chest may look more like a woman’s breast, rounder rather that defined, but this will change gradually.

Like the breast implant for women, pectoral implants may also be displaced or may also move so we highly recommend patients to avoid weight lifting for at least 3 months after surgery for the implant to form a stronger capsule. Too much movement of the muscle can cause the capsule surrounding the implant to be weak and therefore after some time, the implant moves, which is very common for patients who have had the implants for a very long time.

Numbness or tingling sensation around the nipple is normal during the healing period and it may persist for months though it will gradually decrease in intensity.

Exercise can be resumed in 2-3 weeks or when the patient feels better about movements but lifting if really discouraged for a while. Contact sports is also discouraged for about 3-4 months or even up to 6 months.

Suture removal will be done 7-10 days after surgery depending on the condition of the incision site.



There are a number of reasons why you should choose Yoskarn Clinic for your pectoral implant surgery but to name a few, our best assets are our top surgeons in Bangkok with more than 30years of experience in cosmetic surgery and our high quality products which only comes from trusted companies and are FDA approved.

Aside from the surgical side, we also offer more than just medical service as provide assistance in finding comfortable accommodation. This is the reason why we partnered with Aphrodite Inn, the hotel sitting just right next to our center. With our patients staying at the hotel, they get the benefit of the comfortable environment of a hotel while having our nurses and surgeon available just next door. Privacy is also important for us that’s why we opened an adjoining door connecting our center to the hotel as we converted the 2nd floor of the hotel to suit our patient’s post-operative needs.

Unlike ordinary hospital rooms, your companion can stay with you during your stay in our center with their own comfortable bed, complimentary breakfast, and amenities free of charge. Room service is also available anytime and hotel staffs are always available to provide assistance.



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    Unlike women, the male chest doesn’t develop in puberty so men will have to work hard to achieve the shape that they want. For men, a well defined chestcompletes the overall appearance of a body builder’s frame.

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