Platelet Growth Factors Therapy

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Most of us may have heard of the Vampire Facelift, with Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian, posting photos of her treatment on her own social network account. Reality is, the so called Vampire Facelift which is currently one of the most sensational anti-aging treatments had been around for years. Many stars had tried it mostly to keep themselves young but this is not the only benefit that you can get from this treatment.






Vampire Facelift in Thailand is a non-surgical facelift treatment to rejuvenate the skin using blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. Platelets are rich in growth factors that facilitate skin tissue repair and regeneration while also promoting collagen production. While several types of growth factors are actually available in the market, most of which comes in topical form, injection through mesotherapy has been found most effective.






Since vampire facelift in Thailand is a more concentrated blood preparation for which the components will come from the patients themselves, the process will start with the extraction of blood from the patient. Usually, the blood will be drawn from the brachial vein (vein on your upper arm) because they are stronger than carpal veins (veins on the hands). After enough amount of blood is drawn, the blood will then be prepared for centrifugation. Centrifugation is the process where the blood (or anything that is in the device) is separated to its simpler components, the platelets, the white blood cells, and the red blood cells. During this process, the concentration of the platelets is also increased.




After the separation and the increased concentration, the platelets will be activated to release many kinds of growth factors. These growth factors perform multiple antiaging functions such as promotion of hair growth, promotion of cartilage repair, increase in collagen production, increase in blood supply to the cells and tissue, improvement in all the functions of the layers of the skin, and stimulation of local stem cells.


While the platelet growth factors are being prepared, local topical anesthesia will be applied to the the area to be treated.


Depending on the area for which it will be used, like for this instance, for rejuvenation of the face, the prepared platelet growth factors is injected strategically to specific areas of the face to target the lines and wrinkles and to fill certain areas that needs more volume.




Many of the uses of platelet growth factors and its healing properties is still under research but laboratory studies have shown very promising results regarding its potential to speed up the healing process.


For years, platelet growth factors has been injected to injured areas mostly for athletes. It had also been used to speed up the recovery of post-operative patients for certain conditions. Platelet growth factors, when injected, causes a mild inflammation that triggers the release of stem cells to repair the damaged or injured area.


For cosmetic purposes, platelet growth factors initiate repair and accelerate regeneration of collagen by attracting stem cells to the areas where it was injected, thus promoting rejuvenation of the area. For the face, PRP injections has been seen to improve the lines between the eyebrows, forehead, and around the eyes, along with the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. In cosmetics, platelet growth factors are said to work like fillers but are more natural since it comes from the patient’s own body.


Platelet growth factors are also being used as a treatment for hair loss because it is believed that they can stimulate hair follicle growth and the practice had shown very promising results.


Recently, platelet growth factors are also being used for penile enlargement in Thailand, and Erectile Dysfunction treatment as they have been found improve blood flow on the area.






Platelet growth factor treatment is done under local anesthesia, but since blood will be extracted from the person (though not much), we encourage not engaging in strenuous activities for at least the whole day. Normal activities such as working and doing household chores is however fine but resting is highly recommended.


The area where the blood was extracted may bruise, but it gradually subsides in a few days. The areas where platelet growth factors were injected may also swell with a little pain that may last for a few days but it eventually resolves over time.


Generally, results can last for 6-12 months but a touch up may be necessary depending on your response to the treatment.




Long before celebrities showed the world the use of platelet growth factors through vampire facelift, Yoskarn Clinic had been offering platelet growth factor therapy for years so our surgeons are not just jiving with the popularity of the treatment, we really understand its uses and the benefits that patients can have from it.


Aside from this, Yoskarn is also affiliated with Aphrodite Inn and we highly recommend that you stay in the hotel while doing your treatments with us. The hotel offer convenience as it is located just beside our center, also in the center of downtown Bangkok. Patients no longer need to travel to see our surgeons as our surgeons and nurses can visit the patients on their own rooms after the treatments.


Since we are strategically located within walking distance from the biggest shopping malls, patients can also enjoy their stay in Bangkok without the hassle of traffic.






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