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Laser skin rejuvenation (Revlite) stimulates collagen development using a quick, non-invasive treatment. The procedure helps revitalize and rejuvenate one’s skin. Whether it’s irregular pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, enlarged pores, or fine lines, this heralded treatment is a one-stop solution for all concerns.




Laser skin rejuvenation involves a quiet laser passing through the topmost layer of skin. The idea is to promote collagen development by using laser-based heat. Once collagen begins to grow, it will continue to do so for the next 2-3 months while improving the skin’s appearance and texture.


This clinic uses Revlite as its primary laser technology to ensure patients receive a pain-free solution. The sensation can be described as a subtle tingling, which leaves no long-lasting side effects. The skin doesn’t burn nor does it hurt during the procedure. In fact, anesthesia isn’t required to use Revlite.


The treatment itself will last 45 minutes (5-6 sessions with 3-4 week intervals).


During the treatment, patients can expect to have their skin cleansed and prepared for the procedure. If necessary, a patient can request the use of a topical anesthetic to relieve any pre-procedural concerns. The specialist will offer goggles (laser protection) as the machine is prepared to stimulate collagen growth.


Ideal Candidate for Laser Skin Rejuvenation


Laser skin rejuvenation is non-invasive and is one of the safest procedures in the world. This makes it an intriguing option for people from all walks of life.


An ideal candidate is someone seeking a non-invasive, pain-free skin rejuvenation procedure at a leading clinic in the city. The treatment is perfect for patients on a timeline as it’s quick without extensive recovery. In fact, most will and can go back to their normal routine immediately.


An ideal case can include some or all of the following:


Enlarged Pores

Oily Skin

Fine Lines/Creases/Wrinkles

Reduced Facial Laxity

Skin Discolourlations

Acne Scars

Please note, a specialist will analyze the skin before pinpointing an appropriate solution for a patient’s specific case. It’s best to call in and schedule a consultation as soon as possible to receive a thorough examination.


In general, the clinic welcomes all patients and might recommend another solution based on the skin’s condition or a patient’s medical history.


Side Effects


Laser skin rejuvenation is a safe procedure and has received approval from Health Canada. It’s well-regarded and tested as being one of the safest laser technologies in the industry.


Patients of all skin types are candidates for the procedure.


It does not pose a risk to any patient and will offer immediate results.


Post-Procedure Recovery


What does the post-procedure recovery encompass?


The recovery phase is innocuous and easy to manage. The skin will not be harmed during the procedure (i.e. visible breakage) and patients are welcome to return to their daily routine as soon as they like.  Specialists do offer an in-depth examination upon completion and provide a robust post-procedure plan to bolster results.


In rare cases, a slight redness can develop and will last an hour or so before disappearing. The skin itself will remain unbroken and can be touched immediately. Patients are welcome to apply makeup to the treated area if necessary.


Patients are recommended to avoid sun exposure (1-2 weeks) to heighten results.  A specialist will highlight these recommendations after the laser skin rejuvenation procedure is completed.


To seek additional information regarding this world-class laser skin rejuvenation procedure, please call in and schedule an immediate consultation with one of the leading skin specialists at this clinic. The team prides itself on being detailed, courteous, and passionate while deliver promising results.


Your skin-related issues whether it’s irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, or enlarged pores will become a thing of the past after Revlite goes to work.