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What goes down there is not something we openly discuss with other people even our doctor. Even for women, most will not admit that they are not really satisfied with the sexual aspect of their relationship because it’s just a topic that is often kept as personal as possible, but they said physical needs play an important part in a working relationship, because we are human and we have needs especially as we get to our reproductive years.

What should you do however if the issue is no longer just about pleasure but rather the pain? What if your sexual activity becomes more of a burden because of a certain medical condition your partner may actually not know about and you are actually afraid to open up?

With the recent developments in our knowledge of anatomy and medicine, our doctors and surgeons had come up with a solution to treat the otherwise secret despair of some women. Vaginismus, a condition marked by involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscle, or what is also known as the PC muscles. This condition makes and vaginal penetration (even tampons) painful or impossible.

In reality, more than 7% of women around the world had been noted to suffer from this condition though there may still be some that are not reported due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The good news is, medicine has discovered a painless, non-surgical solution to this problem, and that is Botox injection. Since the cause of the discomfort is the involuntary contraction of the muscle, Botox Injection will work to relax the muscle therefore allowing penetration.

The effect of Botox is temporary, however, the therapeutic effect of a normal sex life once the condition is taken aside somehow helps so patients rarely need regular botox injections. Occasionally, we have patients who do the treatment twice but the normally, one session is enough. A large amount of botox may however be needed for this procedure but since this is non-surgical, there will be no downtime.

Patients who had done Botox injection for vaginismus are advised to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 10 days after treatment to allow the drug to work on the muscle otherwise you may still feel some pain. Once Botox has taken effect, sexual intercourse should be smooth and painless.

Botox on the vagina had also been used for vaginal rejuvenation as it gives a tightening effect to the sagging vulva. Some had also used to augment the g-spot to make it more sensitive.


We understand the sensitivity of this matter that’s why we provide full confidentiality for all our patients who are under our care. With this, we give our patients a chance to avail of a room in our affiliate hotel, Aphrodite Inn. With this, patients need not go out for their treatment or follow up check up as we have a special adjoining door from our center to the hotel.

The staffs of the hotel are also very professional and works closely with our clinic staffs so should you need anything, you can call the hotel reception and they can call our center to provide you with better assistance.

Room service is available all the time and complimentary ala carte breakfast can be served from 7am to 11am.

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