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Many women, especially those who are married and have had multiple child birth lose confidence about the sexual aspect of their relationship. Often times, this stems from a feeling of inadequacy in terms of giving their partner sexual pleasure. Vaginal tightening in Thailand, a surgical procedure to strengthen the muscle on the vulvo-vaginal area, became the answer to this self-esteem issue. However, vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening was used before as a purely reconsctructive surgical procedure to correct congenital malformation or complication brought by natural child birth for mothers.

As a cosmetic procedure, vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty in Thailand is now a procedure to tighten the vagina by removing excess lining and tightening the soft tissues and muscles on the vaginal canal to improve sexual function. Traditionally, the procedure is done by a more invasive approach, but at Yoskarn Clinic, we also offer the Mona Lisa Touch.


Mona Lisa Touch is the latest innovation in vaginal laser rejuvenation or laser vaginal tightening technique that improves the physiology of the vaginal wall thus giving a tightening effect. This treatment not only tightens the vaginal canal, it also stimulates the production of collagen, and blood flow on the area therefore promoting better lubrication.

This procedure is non-surgical in nature and therefore recovery is faster. Patients who had done the treatment are advised to avoid engaging in any sexual activity for only 2 weeks.

Monalisa touch is however not for everyone, as there are certain cases that will necessitate the traditional surgical approach for vaginal tightening. Though Monalisa Touch will still have some effect for those with very loose vaginal canal, the treatment may have to be done repetitively to give a better result.


For the traditional surgical approach, there is also no downtime, but sexual activity can only be resumed 6 weeks after surgery. The procedure is recommended for women with multiple natural child birth. It is also the procedure recommended for patients who had received extensive damage on their vaginal walls due to the trauma received during child birth.

The procedure will take about 1-2 hours depending on the extent of the vaginal relaxation and whether both the anterior and posterior vaginal walls should be treated.

The procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s preference and this can also be done in combination with other genital surgeries such as labiaplasty, hymen repair, and clitoral hood reduction.


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After a vaginal tightening procedure either by Mona Lisa Touch (Laser) or by surgery, patients can expect better sexual experience. Most of our patients are very happy about the changes as they become more confident about the sexual aspect of their relationships.

Though other people may think the procedure is merely cosmetic in nature and only for vanity, it is a woman’s right to do anything that will make her feel good, as long as she is doing it for herself and as long as she is choosing the right surgeon and institution to do it with.

Laser vaginal tightening had also been seen beneficial to those who suffer from urinary incontinence.


With the innovations we are introducing to the cosmetic surgery industry, you can be assured that our surgeons are up to date with the latest techniques and technology that will allow you to have surgical procedures in a safer, more effective way. The main concern of the medical community for most cosmetic procedures is that the risks outweighs the benefits, but in our center, these risks are greatly minimizes with the expertise of our surgeon, hence, there should be no more argument as to why you should do the procedure.

Aside from this, we also understand that certain procedures, especially those cosmetic in nature require more privacy for our patients, therefore, we have partnered with Aphrodite Inn, a boutique hotel just beside our center. Patients who are staying in this hotel no longer need to go outside to see our surgeon as we have a connecting door straight from the hotel to our center and our surgeons and nurses can visit you on your own room should you wish to.


You can also bring your friend to stay with you in the same room free of charge unlike in hospitals where your companion can stay with you but will have to sleep on the couch. With Aphrodite Inn, your companion will be as comfortable as you with their own complimentary breakfast. Room service is also available anytime and nurses and doctors can be requested from the reception area. 

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  • Laser Vaginal Tightening (Monalisa)

    Laser vaginal tightening, commonly known by the brand name "MonaLisa Touch" or "MonaLisa," is a non-surgical procedure used to address vaginal laxity and certain vaginal health concerns. It utilizes fractional CO2 laser technology to stimulate collagen production and promote tissue regeneration in the vaginal walls, resulting in improved vaginal tightness and overall vaginal health.

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