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The distinct characteristic of your voice is one of the things that make you identifiable to others. A voice is nearly as distinctive as a snowflake because of the many different factors that affect a person's sound; there's the size of the voice box, the tension and thickness of your vocal cords and even the shape of your ribcage and mouth. In addition, your rate of speech and the degree of enunciation you use is an identifying feature of your voice.


The main difference between the male and the female voice are the vocal pitch and the tone.  Among women, the vocal pitch may vary from high to low, but the tone often tell the difference even if the vocal pitch of that particular woman is close to that of the man’s range.

The factors that contribute to the difference between male and female voice are mainly the anatomy and physiology of the larynx and the vocal tract. The larynx of men is usually wider and more prominent, hence, the appearance of the Adam’s apple, the vocal folds are also thicker and longer, with the intrinsic muscle of the larynx larger as well. The vocal tract, which is composed of the structures above the vocal folds upwards to the lips are also longer and larger in dimension, these includes the epiglottis, hypopharynx, tongue base, tonsil, oropharynx, tongue, teeth, and lips. The main controller of the pitch however is the vocal folds. Similar to the guitar string or piano, the longer and thicker the string, the lower the pitch of the voice.

The opposite is also true for the shorter and thinner strings which produce higher pitch. Another factor is the tension, in which, the higher tension will likewise produce a higher pitch. These factors are influenced partly by male and female hormones in the early age.

Nowadays, with facial feminization procedures in Thailand along with sex reassignment surgery, Voice Surgery in Thailand is also becoming a popular procedure, though still not as quite well known as the other feminization surgeries. The good news however is that this procedure has been continuously refined and developed to produce the best results with the least recovery period.


We have actually developed and refined the technique for voice change surgery in such a way that it can address all aspects in the larynx that contribute to pitch alteration, namely, the length, volume, tension, and dimension of the larynx. This result in higher vocal pitch with loss of male tone and longer lasting result. The surgery can be done either under local or general anesthesia. Another obvious advantage of this procedure is the removal of the Adam’s Apple as part of the surgery.