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As women are becoming more and more conscious about their body, they also now pay more attention even to those areas that are normally hidden such as the nipples and areola. Normally, most women prefer their nipple and areola smaller and pinkish in color, especially those who haven’t breast fed yet, unfortunately, for some women, this is not the case.  Some women have disproportionately large areola relative to the size of their breast while others have protruding nipples which makes it look like they have had more than their share for breast feeding.

Some women are naturally born with this condition, meaning, even if their breast is small, their areola is still quite big, others however suffer from it due to the size of their breast, which is big and so the skin stretches out along with the areola. Others still experience it after a breast augmentation surgery, or after breast feeding.


Basically, nipple and areola reduction are purely cosmetic in nature, but women who feel self conscious due to the size of their areola and/or nipple should consider this surgery.

Women who would like to do the procedure should be of sound physical, mental, and emotional health with realistic expectation and an understanding that visible scarring is possible after surgery.

We do not recommend the nipple reduction for women who are still planning to breast feed since the surgery may compromise milk flow.


Be it a unilateral areola and/or nipple reduction, or bilateral, the surgery can be done under local anesthesia though general anesthesia can also be given depending on the patient’s request. The whole surgery will take less than an hour to upto 2 hours depending on the areas that will be done.

For the areola reduction, Prof. Somyos Kunachak will make an incision around the areola while for the nipple reduction, the incision will be around the nipple. Excess tissue will be removed from the area of incision before suturing the skin back together.


Depending on what you have discussed with our surgeon, the size of your areola and nipple will be smaller. It is important to watch for the color of the area during the first few days to make sure it is getting enough blood flow.

nipple.PNG (685×284)


The areola or nipple area will have bandages for a few days to avoid direct contact with your bra, make sure the dressing will be kept dry to facilitate faster healing. Incisions will be removed 7-10 days after the surgery depending on the incision site.

A little swelling is also to be expected for the first few days after the surgery but bruising is a bit rare.

The areola and nipple may be overly sensitive or numb during the first week after the surgery but it will gradually subside and return to normal.

There is no guarantee that your nipple and areola will be equal after surgery but it should there be any difference in size, we make sure it will not be readily noticeable. Please understand also that one area may heal faster than the other so asymmetry will be slightly pronounced but it will even out in time. The chance of visible scarring is also very minimal for this type of surgery.


At Yoskarn Clinic, we make sure you are well taken cared off, so, we affiliated with Aprodite Inn, a hotel just beside our clinic so instead of you coming to us for follow up, our nurses and doctors will be the one to visit your for your follow up if that’s what you prefer. We do this for the patient’s convenience and for privacy as well.

The hotel staffs are also available anytime to assist you along with our nurses who you can call should you have any concern with your healing.

If you are travelling with a friend, your friend can also stay with you in the room free of charge with their own complimentary breakfast.



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